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Red Programming Dragon is here to enjoy his stay!


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I find it funny I never really posted much at the old place. Of course, some may see why. :o


Someone had a really cool idea with binary code and being all programming like but no. Not this thread! Simply a boring line of text stating how "funny" it was that I never posted at the other forum and now I am user 230. Amusing that I am not in the thousands. Of course, I am also used to my own forum software I make and always starting user ID 1. :P So I guess I can say a bit about myself.

You can call me Scrydan, and - well actually that is usually the only thing I go by nowadays so why I went with "You can call me X" is just crazy. I find it more amusing the fact I am half commenting on what I've said here than actually providing any real tangible information not already known elsewhere. Now I am commenting on how I am commenting on my own sentences - oh wait, I was doing an introduction? Let's reroll and start over, hmmm?


*rewinds tape and it snaps* OH for the love of...it is ruined! I have ruined the fabric of time rewind. What else am I to do now? Tell you about me? Why, there is much bigger fish than some dragon who has been programming for over 5 and a half years now with tons of experience working on various projects. No, you don't want to know about the various things (many of which are web-based) from forums, chat, RPG development, Platformer development, Wiki development, section/art system development that allows one to upload stuff, and of course various forms of security. What's that? You wonder if I have done anything with all these skills? Of course, but it is a long story and I wouldn't want to keep you from your most important task set ahead for you. Yes, one of the many busy furs who indeed have things "to see" and things "to do" I don't want to keep you.

Now if a really more detailed post is what you seek, perhaps later when I sleep and am not stupid enough of a night owl to yet again not sleep until after 7 AM. :o

Feel free to ask away and learn more. I am not going anywhere. You see, after all...my tape broke and now it seems time doesn't exist for me...I'll fix it before you even - and there. Time for me to sleep. This has been a sleepless dragon going on about not much in particular besides programming...and stuff. Also I have been using Linux lately, as some who have permission (or is able to track the useragents) can see. I enjoy learning new challenges...it is a love/hate relationship. About the only consistent relation I have it seems. Friends can come and go (and get more attached to their own circle) but true enjoyment of creating new realities and using the god-like programming powers is quite exciting...and terrifying!

See ya all around!


P.S. Why am I writing this as a sudo letter? There wasn't a proper stamp or heading...I must indeed be tired. My mind is only revealing how random I enjoy being at times.

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Whoops! Apparently I got busy in the last day or two. It sure is fun looking for a place to live. :P


My current favorite language of choice is PHP, much to some hater's disbelieve. Sure it has its flaws but some I think hate it simply because of how its easy for beginners to jump into and sadly sometimes learn some inherit coding practices which aren't the best. >_<


But it does what I want and web language is fun, especially MySQL. I am quite the database junkie. It fascinates me how I can improve the structure and optimize. I've also been making some learning AI which is also another interest of mine. This AI will be used in my future chatbot and also some enemy AI in my RPG. As in enemies which won't simply do X just because RNG said so!


And hey, if you ever want to chat with me about programming I am happy to! I need more people to talk code to. Especially when I have some new security ideas which are quite nice and hoping to test out thoroughly.

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Ah, practically the other end of the spectrum to me, I prefer application development but I've not been in the game long enough to talk for hours about what's better than what.  I am learning C++ slowly but surely from a very good book that goes over the best tools for each job though (C++ for the Impatient), I got a bit tired of the 'for dummies' jolliness and wanted hard facts without throwing a reference manual at my face.

I've used PHP a little bit in the past during a web dev module at college to create a mini database just to prove I could add/remove records and the like but that's as far as I've gotten with it.  It was very poorly taught but I can see why the language would be fun if it was what you wanted to go into.

I'm always happy to talk about programming but it'd be fairly one sided for the time being (hopefully).

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I eventually want to do more application development myself. I know a good deal of C++ as well, I just never really felt as inspired and obsessed with coding in C++ as I have PHP. I do want to eventually make one of my own games in C++ or some other application language when the day comes.

And one such game is sort of exploring one's mind and you must survive what you find each day (sort of like a brain doctor who goes in to help cure a man using future tech). I do know I am likely to make it a "anything goes" so there's all "sorts of 'things'" one might find in the dream.


I wouldn't say it'd be much one sided. I would be interested in just getting some ideas to explore more into C++ and be as inspired to work in that language as well. Perhaps even dive into another completely. So we should definitely talk in some messages or what have you. :)

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