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Accouterments - List of Canadian and other Vendors


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So I'm getting back into the furry/cos-play scene and have started building lists of vendor that sell high quality accouterments to costume makers and suiters.  Because of the weak Canadian dollar, these may especially interesting to Canadian furs, but Yanks will be able to cash in on the difference in exchange rate too.



Armstreet is probably the largest go-to provider of Medieval, Renaissance and specialty costume wear.  They are full service, providing everything from jewelry to full suits of armor, foot wear, blades, bags and everything in between. Located in  Montreal


The Discriminating General caters to military re-enactors from all periods, but there's a fair amount of cross over; especially for anyone interested in 17-18th century Pirate pieces.  Located in Ottawa


Dracolite (Canadian French only last time I looked) sells a tonne of high quality period jewlery, and assorted bits and bobs.  Located in Quebec.


Relics, located in London Ontario is the other Armstreet-like go-to web destination for high quality, low cost RenFair and medieval garb.  Good stock levels and fast shipping in Ontario too.


So, what are your favorite go-to sites?  Post them up in this thread.  Bonus points for Canadian or over seas vendors that don't trade in US dollars.

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