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Probably a long shot, but... anyone play this and wanna play together? It's not widely known yet and with competition like Overwatch and Battleborn I'm not sure how good it will do, but I think it's pretty fun for the most part. There's some kinks that need working out yet, of course.

If you dunno what it is, it's a 3rd person MOBA by Epic Games. Here ye go: https://www.epicgames.com/paragon/

You currently have to buy in to play or sign-up for the beta weekends and hope to get invited. This last weekend they invited everyone who had signed up by a certain point, so it will be easier and easier to get in until summer when the open beta starts. You can also get invites from people already in the game if they have any invites left (1 for reaching level 20, another if they bought the top 2 founder's packs). I have one myself, but will only give it to someone who would actually be interested in playing in the long run, not someone who just wants to try it out.

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