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Rules for posting in the Black Market


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Guidelines for the Black Market

These rules have been brought over from the old forums. The same system of thread moderation will apply here. 

Minors must follow the rules of FA site and forum when buying/selling. Minors may not advertise being open for adult commissions nor respond to adult commission requests or face account suspension on both here and main site 
Please note commissioners/sellers, you cannot enforce contracts with minors, so beware of dealing with those under the age of 18

This forum's usage is for the sale of personal sculpts/crafts/artworks you have created. If you commit fraud you may be banned permanently. 

Major rules to follow: If not followed your post may face deletion or automatic suspension from the selling and exchange forums

Monetary Transactions Only - For those using Paypal, please do not post personal preferences of transactions in order to avoid liability issues. Keep it private between buyer and seller.

These forums do not have filters unlike the main site: Embedding NSFW links will result in an automatic 7 Day Suspension from the Art forums, and your listing will be removed. Please use links instead and mark them NSFW 

You may not bump your own thread until 7 days have passed from the time of your last post on that thread. You must provide examples and links of new work per bump. Please edit your opening and related posts if you have changed your prices. Do not entice others to bump posts with buyer feedback or promotional spam. Failure to follow this rule will result in ONE warning. Subsequent failure to follow the bumping rules will result in an automatic 7 day suspension from Black Market/Art Exchange to prevent further bumps.

The minimum dollar amount to post whether buying or selling any product is $5 (USD). Monetary transactions only

Please post your prices and link examples of work if you are selling, post your budget (how much you are willing to spend) for hiring. The reason we ask buyers to post a budget is that there have been too many complaints from artists that apply for positions that do not have a budget only to be told that the commissioner has a much lower amount than expected.

By posting your spending limits this eliminates the problem. Because there's a lot of subjectivity for pricing artwork, this was the happy medium that was agreed upon.

Please note that just because you post a spending limit, it doesn't mean you have to spend that amount if you find a suitable artist to do it lower. It's so that artists know that you're willing to match their prices for artwork.

Do not spam and stay on topic. Spam includes replying with "note sent" and/or multiple replies with the same/similar content on multiple threads. Sending notes or PMs to people without prior consent also falls under spam. Listings with little content are also considered spam. Please See "Format Suggestions" below to avoid being flagged as spam.

Personal issues are not permitted in listings. Keep it professional. Charity commissions for other causes are an exception to this rule.

Please do not post multiple listings to circumvent the bumping rule. 

Raffles, contests, or watch-farming schemes of any kind are not permitted on the Black Market. 

Recolored Adoptables are also not permitted. Please create a unique and individual design for each creation. 
Auction Listings are permitted provided the auction listing has a description of what is being sold and when the auction ends. Please do not host auctions on the forums, use a 3rd party method. 

No third party selling. Listings must be by the actual seller and items/services must be created by the seller.

Minor Rules

- Please use the prefixes to properly flag your listing
- Please remember to close and tend to your threads buying or selling. Answer questions when asked.

Suggested Formats.
Type of project: (comic, image, sketch, story)
Budget/ Spending Limit: (how much are you willing to spend?) (REQUIRED)
Time Frame: (How long are you willing to wait?)
Brief Description: (A brief description of the characters and other aspects of the commission)
Permitted ways to contact the Buyer
- Please tend to your thread and answer questions regarding your commission in thread. 
-If you have selected your artist please mention you have found the artist close your thread to prevent confusion.
-Once an artist has been selected please take specifics to PMs, Email, or other private messaging systems. Do Not PM buyers without his/her consent.

Types of Projects: (a list of what you are offering)(REQUIRED)
Prices: (A price list for what you offer)(REQUIRED)
Examples: (Examples of the kind of images you offer, adult images should be linked and tagged)(REQUIRED)

Slots: (number of commission slots available)
Contact info: (how to contact for commissions)

In order to foster and maintain a level of quality within the Black Market, Staff may remove any thread which fails to follow these rules or is seen as harmful to the quality of the subforum.

**Special Thanks to Arshes Nei, Fay V, Tiamat, and others from FAF for their work on most of these rules and thanks to the rest of the staff that have contributed**

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