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Dead by Daylight


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I was browsing Twitch for a specific game I wanted to watch and saw this right next to the one I intended to watch. Decided to check it out because I hadn't heard of it, and I'm drawn to creepy stuffs. It looks like a shitton of fun to play with people over voice.

Anyone plan on getting it/already have it? I'm not sure if I can afford to get it in the next couple weeks, and I probably won't get it at all if I can't find people to play it with. It doesn't seem like it would be nearly as much fun solo, probably more frustrating than anything if you have to play as a survivor because voice coordination is important, but I imagine it'd be pretty much the same if you're the killer (aside from missing out on the banter that would occur after a match w/ buddies).


Edit: You can sometimes get free keys (just gives access to the beta, doesn't give you the entire game like buying in does) by watching streamers who have some to give out (which is pretty much all of them), or by going here after 6pm EST (but that appears to be limited). I haven't gotten a key yet, but am hoping. 3:

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