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Exercises in Description


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So, description is a pretty important part of a lot of writing. 

Too much or brought across improperly can leave a reader bored. Too little can cause confusion. 

Having just enough to let the reader fill in the blanks but also get the message is kinda the goal. I'm curious to see how others do it, always good to learn.


Here is two I did just as basic, stuff. 

Submit your own or write one here and now, doesn't have to be long. Try and describe a scene, expression, area, or perhaps even an idea, character or personality. 

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This thread could use a contribution, so I'll add a quick rough one;


Foster rubbed his eyes weerily for he had been laying prone in his hastily dug fire pit for the past three hours, it was both uncomfortable and shallow, providing little concealment as the orange undulating terrain consisted of a tough rocky soil, making hard work out of digging a small hole with handheld entrenching tools. He and his fellow section members had supplemented this issue with plant debris to allow for better concealment but they were still very much exposed.

He shifted his weight in an attempt to relieve his discomfort and scanned the surroundings in front of him, it was getting close to dusk and the gradual setting of the sun provided a slightly orange and purple hue in the sky, casting a darkening shadow amongst the grey trees.

A breeze was shifting through the bushland, disturbing the dry and hardy scrubs with the sound of movement, putting Foster's senses on alert as he shivered from wind seeping through his sweat soaked uniform forming a cold puddle on his back.

He turned his head towards his left to see his squad mate cocked onto his side, breaking the silent tension with the sound trinkling fluid running down the dusty soil as he relieved himself of his burden.

This was quickly dissipated when an ear splitting crack and flash arose from further down to the right flank of their formation followed by the sound of a rumble and screaming, something had set off one of their trip wires!

Instantly Foster lay down as prone as humanly possible, wielding the polymer stock of the rifle to his shoulder in a state of prepared action like that of a coiled spring as his eyes darted back and forth, awaiting the imminent call.

Within that split second, a voice bellowed nearby “CONTACT RIGHT!” and suddenly the entire world plunged into a noisy orchestra of immense firepower, lighting up the entire tree line.

The night had just begun.

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