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CrowFall - Upcoming Sandbox MMO


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Hey guys, if you haven't been following this game let me fill you in. First of all, be aware that it's not due for release until LATE 2016.


What is it?  It's a PvP Sandbox MMORPG. It takes parts from Eve, MineCraft, ShadowBane. I'd say it could be visually compared to Guild Wars, but it'll be mainly PvP focused like Eve is with different servers hosting different rule sets like Guild Battles, Scrambles teams, FFA, or Factions. There will be many more, but they'll come once they have the chance to test them out.  Servers last for about 1 - 3 months, then die. You get a portion of the loot you stashed to keep and take home to your personal area which can be a public or private place, depending on if you share an area with your guild, friends, or live by yourself.  After you return home you can build it up more, or head back out for another Campaign for another Month. The worlds age through the four seasons starting from Spring, and end on Winter after the world has become hollowed out and harsh. Monsters crystallize and become much more difficult over the course of the real time month as well.

Why should Furries you care?

1. The lead concept artist is One Of Us. http://beastofoblivion.deviantart.com/ (She also has an FA under the same name, but because of reasons, I'd rather link to DA)

2. The lead artist also convinced the team to make a Guinea Pig a playable race... https://crowfall.com/#/archetype/duelist Along with Minotuars, Centuars, and an Anthro Deer.  (https://crowfall.com/#/archetype/legionnaire - https://crowfall.com/#/archetype/myrmidon - https://crowfall.com/#/archetype/stalker)

Why am I going to play it?  Because it's an MMO without level grinding, day-to-day adventure, no tab-targeting, skill-based not level-based, it has the potential for politics to be role played for land disputes, that 'new server smell' can be experienced every month, every world will be semi-randomized (random elements on pre-set blocks of land that are randomly fit together like a jigsaw puzzle) and as such if you like to simply explore, you'll never run out of world to explore as new worlds come and go all the time, and you can get your MineCraft itch scratched with your personal space building or by demolishing other player's fortresses.

I put my eggs in the basket for this one and I'll be playing the Alpha sometime next month. They projected release to be sometime late next year, and they've been keeping up a pretty good pace of development since the end of their KickStarter. They've been super transparent as well. There is no NDA, so anything played in Alpha will be for all to see. There are videos on YouTube of people playing in the recent Friends and Family pre-alpha where they set up a Hunger Games style 3v3v3v3v3v3v3v3 map (untextured) with a border that constantly grew smaller with three of the classes playable and fully animated. 

So check em out... Maybe get back with me and we can think about setting up a Guild and use my personal 'Eternal Kingdom' area as a Guild Hall as I pitched in the cash to be given a few extra plots of land along with a small keep to put on it. It's still a year away, sure, but it's better to get started on something like this early than to wait and find out someone else has beaten you to the punch later.  =3



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