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Guten Tag!


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I am the user Weiss! (I don't expect you to know me oh my God)

Its nice to see everything start from scratch, though it is a bit sad to see all those posts and memories disappear. Still, I hope you guys are having a fun, lovely day! Its nice to re-meet you all again. Please take care!

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Hey there Weiss welcome to the forums!

The old FAF may be gone but it's not forgotten, if you ever want to go back and look up the past you can check out the "Wayback Machine" in Site Discussion area and click this link here https://web.archive.org/web/20150910041514/https://forums.furaffinity.net/


Thank you for this. Ah~

This setup is so much more better than the old one. :-V

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Thank you for this. Ah~

This setup is so much more better than the old one. :-V

I agree,This layout is very free and open to user navigation and the notification system keeps everything tide together, which is great! I feel like I can post around and join in on conversations for the first time. 

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