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I may not have posted much on the old forums (as a matter of fact I think my last post there was most likely from two years ago or something...), but maybe I'll change that here. Perhaps. We'll see.

Uh, let's see... I don't usually post much in forums, so I apologize if at any point I seem awkward, lol. I usually lurk such places a lot though, so I think I have at least some of the proper mannerisms down. This place seems nice though, and since everyone's TECHNICALLY got a fresh start here more or less, it should be easier for me to ease into participating here.

Anyways, I'm a guy who wants to do lots of stuff, like writing, drawing, and game creating, but unfortunately I am also a guy who is easily distracted and often finds himself saying "wait, how the hell did it get to be midnight already, I could swear it was just 3 in the afternoon", so productivity is often... lacking, to say the least. Still, I've been trying to get myself in gear, even if breaking the dumb habits that have gotten me into this productivity slump are proving rather stubborn to break, lol.

Not sure what else to say at the moment... Oh, wait. I remember someone in the old place telling me in my introductory thread on there that my username was really lame or something, so I guess I'll just address that by saying that it's the name I use for a lot of places in some way, shape, or form, and it's actually got a bit more to it than 'just the name of a Pokemon with the number 13 tacked onto it to seem totally cool u guise'. A while back, I used to do a thing that nowadays I know would probably be a bad idea: I used a name while posting on 4chan. Since it was mostly on their Pokemon board, I went with the name of one of my favorite Pokemon, Flareon. Even though I eventually stopped posting there, I decided to make that part of my go-to username for various sites, and put the number that was part of the first username I ever had online and added that to it, to make my username. So there you go, the (most likely boring) reason why my username has a bit more thought put into it than it may first appear to have!

Okay NOW I think that's it :V

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