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Has anyone read the steppenwolf?


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It's an amazing book from Hermann Hesse in which the protagonist, the steppenwolf, is troubled man who has to deal with himself being in a constant conflict within the two sides of his personality, which are opposites and don't work together, for one side he is wild, and savage and animalistic but also very intelligent, intelectual and humanistic, and this contradiction leads him to having a lot of problems with himself and everybody else, it's a great book and I enjoyed it very much as I empathized a lot with this character, it's kind of dense and complicated but for anyone who likes a good read, I highly recommend it.


Btw, don't know if this is the right section for this, but I didn't find a spesific one for books so just threw it here, if there is a more appropiate section for this please move it there.

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