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Old FAF Lurker, New Name

Jestre DeRama

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I was Shadow on the old FAF site, Ultima-Mewtwo before the new FA account, and I used to have the small credit of being someone maintaining the "Furs by [x]" topics for a few rounds. Other than that, not much else beyond getting busy with life and being off forums for the longest time.

Usually, I go by Jestre, if not Jestre DeRama or some nickname of it, and I tend to post varieties of things such as the usual art and photos when not recording for my YouTube videos or other groups' audioplays. I'm the current VA for The Doctor in Doctor Whooves n' Assistant audioplay to help with familiarity for those from the brony scene.

Other than, I'm pretty chillax, a dork, but I'll be sarcastic here and there. 

Also, is anyone else here because of the nostalgia?

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