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Cheap Toned Paper Headshots - Inktober!

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So this year I have decided to do the Inktober Challenge! However, instead of ordinary B+W I will be using toned paper!

• All headshots will be 4x4 inches
• Shipping is FREE IN THE US or $5 International OR can be picked up at Furpocalypse/MFF!
• Scans will be emailed out
• will be on toned paper with ink (black, white, gray, and eye color)
• One will be done PER DAY! Will be started October 1st!

How to claim
Please send an EMAIL to NightlineZart[at]gmail.com with...

Eye color:
Shipping (Y/N):
**U.S or International**


I have slots available for the first week! Your slot number is also the day of the month for your completed headshot!

Slots listed here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17781801/


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