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Driving People to Work


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I hate driving to work.

It's a 5.5hr drive to get to work after a week off, starting on the road super early to get up there, and I like just being alone for the drive. It's an opportunity to get from days-off mode into days-on mode, not to mention having to work the day when I get up there. I can't sleep worth a fuck ever on the night before I have to head to work, and just having some alone time to crank the tunes and fucking prepare for the shit that's going to happen when I get there, it's good.

Several times, people have been like, fuck, you live close to me, maybe we could work out a deal to get to work? And I say yes, and then I lose my me time going to work. It's wake up at a shit hour, pack my truck up, drive to meet some person that hopefully is on time, drive to work and talk to them about work the whole time. I'd rather just zone out and listen to music.

It is nice not paying for gas though, they've always offered that.

The guy that I'm driving up now was a guy I worked with before, somehow it slipped my mind that the fucking guy doesn't have driving papers or a vehicle, and I recommended them as a person to hire to my boss after all of this work came up and they needed a person. Wicked.

Super fail, I'm almost hoping this name-hire doesn't pan out and I'm the idiot in question. Get your fucking self to work, I do it, we all fucking do it, and when I said do you want 'this' job with 'this' criteria, I thought you understood it. Nope, now I'm on peg to get you to work, thanks.

On the other side of the coin, the guy has to jump through some hoops just to get to me to get to work, and he has shit going on in his life with his own family, so maybe I should suck it up and forget that shit... I just like going to work by myself. Fuck it, we'll see how this pans out.

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