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Dear potential clients! I am currently opening myself up again to take on more commission work! I have been writing for 8+ years. Having won several contests on the internet with my literature, as well as getting awknowledged by a famous author from England, I have the right amount of skill and talent to make your creations come to life! I am more then eager to attempt to create something special and just for you! Are you stuck with an idea in your head that you can't write down, or think that you aren't good enough of a writer to get it done yourself? Or perhaps you are one of those people that are just to dang busy to sit down and write while you got to keep up the bills and stuff? Well never fear, I am here to help! 

With over 1 whole year of freelancing under my belt. I can promise you great stories of adventure, erotic, epic high fantasy, fanfiction and much, much more! If you hire me today, I can create your thoughts into written words!

Grammar: Now I know that some people expect high expectations in Grammar. However I am not a Grammar Nazi, nor am I great at it. I do however attempt to properly punctuate as best I can. Did I get an A+ in English? Not all the time, but that doesn't stop me from great detailed work. Do not let this fool/slow you down from wanting to hire me! Trust me, my words will literally swallow you up into the world that you imagined!


I have set up of what I believe are reasonable package deals for you to choose from! Here are those package deals! 

1 to 10k Package: Price $40-$50

This package deal when purchased gives you anywhere from 1 thousand words to 10 thousand words. 

10 to 20k package: Price $60-$70

This package deal grants you anywhere from 10 thousand to 20 thousands words. 

30 to 50k Package: Price $80-$90

This package deal grants you anywhere from 30 thousand words up to 50 thousand words. 

50k and above package: Price $100+

This package deal is the best deal. You can have as much as 50 thousand up to 100 thousand and more words with almost no limitations on scenes, plots and scenarios. 

Q & A

Do you accept refunds if I am not happy with the product? 

A: To put this bluntly as possible, no I do not accept refunds. BUT do not let this detour you from 
wanting to hire me. I will do my best and attempt my best to make you a happy customer to the point 
you do not have/want to get a refund! 

Q: When can I expect my content to be delivered to me? 

A: It all depends on the package you choose and the amount of words you want. 

Any project that is beyond 50+ will easiy take up to a month and  a half to write. Anything below that should easily take up to a month or so. 

Q: Do you take deadlines? 

A: No, I prefer not. I do not like deadlines because they put way to much stress on me. I may be on the internet 24/7 but sometimes i"m pulled away from it for a few hours or so to work for my father and such, but that shouldn't effect the deadline period. I just do not wish to work under the stress of deadlines. 

Q: Do you take Fanfiction? 

A: Yes I do. But it just all depends on the fanfiction. This is a short list of what i know and can write on Fanfiction. 

#1 Harry Potter 

#2 Sabrina the Teenage Witch 

#3 Dead by Daylight 

#4 Elder Scrolls/Skyrim 

#5 WoW (With the use of some Wiki knowledge) 

#6 Dante's Inferno 

#7 Dark Souls 

#8 Supernatural 

#9 Twilight Saga 

#10 Death Note 

#11 Wolf's Rain 

#12 Inyuasha 

If you wish to continue to hire me as your writer. You can go ahead and slam your mouse on the send note button and send me a note. I will then give you my email address for us to continue the discussion further without your vitle information being lost in all my DA notes. I will provide you with a link to my website which is a MAJOR WIP so please excuse the mess. But it will reassure you that I am legit and not a scammer! I hope to hear from you all very soon! 

You can view my website here ! - https://projectmoonfire.wixsite.com/forgeofthebard

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