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Oh hey, I'm a Smite player too! My username's RedXeralas if you're interested.

Anyway, the only somewhat exciting story I have to tell is about the one time I played Athena on Joust and I taunted the entire enemy team, letting my friend get a triple kill. Was great. We won the game. :P

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Sure we will have to play sometime. Currently, however, I playing on the Xbox one while I fix up my gaming pc went down earlier this year. 

As for a story of my own. I had a really lucky play in a 3v3 joust a few days back where I was playing Bastet and being chased with low health by Artemis and Ratotskr. Fortunately my brother was in his way to assist, he was Xian Tian, and with a bit of luck I jumped out of the way of Ratotskr's Ult. Then my brother used his ult to pick up both of my pursuers killing Ratotskr in the process while we both picked off Artemis. We both thought the entire time that I was going to be toast.

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