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Keyoto-TheFox's Join.Mes


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I wasn't sure where to post this..So...please let me know if it needs moved or something, thank you.


This is the thread for my art join.mes!! I do have one rule though: Be respectful. No fights, nsfw stuff, ect. They are going to be minors on my streams, and I do NOT want any NSFW stuff being linked. Just be kind please. I won't hesitate to kick you off if you are being nasty...

Anyway, I am pretty friendly myself and love to chat, and even more, I love hosting join.mes! So come hang out!

Updated: 10-14-2015

Join.Me link: https://join.me/396-557-684
Code: 396-557-684
What I'm drawing: I'm working on a drawing of a sea lion thing...Literal sea lion..

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