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I think the blog title speaks the description.

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I don't follow or listen to what critics have to say about movies, but I think they have been getting harsher on movies, have any of you other guys and gals

noticed this?


It might be hard to get tickets but there it's going to be released in different visual treatments.

So if it came to be, I wouldn't mind seeing this 3D, because I saw the trailer in 3D and it reminded me of seeing Hugo in 3D where there was not only things thrown at the screen but distinctive depth to faces and other objects.

Would you guys mind seeing The Force Awakens in 3D or not?


I'm trimming down on how many movies I go to.

And that the theatre near me is now basically shit because I wanted to see a movie that was out for less than a few weeks and it wasn't there.

Yet when I looked at another theatre nearby that had the same amount of theatres in it as the one nearby me the movie was playing there.

It's probably because the theatre down the street has the new recliner that take up a ton of room and of all the 3D releases they want to release along with the 2D versions that take up multiple theatres which again don't have many seats in them because the new recliner seats take up a shitload of room.

So yeah I'm done with my rambling.


Not really nerdy but

I heard that a UFO is actually going hit the earth soon, I think sometime in November.

From the look of it they are saying it's just space rock and it'll land in the ocean.

But I know what some might be thinking it is.