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Hey you 
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Ok, I'm gonna list my personal top 5 albums of all time.

Note that I said personal; as in this is my personal opinion. It's not meant to be the definitive list to take on the world.

Anyway, here we go:



Blonde on Blonde -Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan. My personal favorite artist ever, and the single most influential songwriter of our generation. He reintroduced the world to the idea that songs can be something more; that they can be a kind of poetry. He has a lot of good albums, but this one finds him at the top of his game. The songwriting ranges from melancholy and cryptic, to boisterous and tounge-in-cheek. And the sound--that sound!!--is wonderful. Or, as he himself put it, it's got that "thin, wild mercury sound".
Picks: "Visions of Johanna", "I Want You", "Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands"


Abbey Road -The Beatles
And then there's Beatles, the other hugely influential band. These guys were incredibly important to shaping what music was to become; they showed people that 'popular music" can be a real form of art, and pioneered many of the modern recording techniques that we still use today. But why didn't I choose Sgt, Pepper? The one everybody chooses?? The one that rocked the music industry to its core??? Well, here's why: It may have been a bold and incredible album in '67, but it just doesn't hold up all that well today. Frankly it just sounds like silly fluff. Not that there aren't some fantastic songs on there, mind you, but overall it just doesn't have the same effect that it did then. So I chose my personal favorite instead, Abbey Road. It's their best album in my opinion. It's got fun songs, good production, a great vibe; hell, even the cover is stunning!! Yes, this one has some silly songs too but I think they hold up much better here. The medley section on the 2nd half is fantastic. And with this being the final album they recorded before their breakup, who could ask for a better closer than "The End"?? This album is just plain beautiful.
Picks: "Come Together", "Something", "Here Comes the Sun", "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window"


The Dark Side of the Moon -Pink Floyd
Well this one's a no-brainer. Pink Floyd, after a fair few albums of stumbling around trying to find their niche, really came unto their own on this one with a masterfully-crafted concept album about the stress and seeming futility of life. It struck a chord with millions, and became one of the highest-regarded and best-selling albums of all time. If you haven't listened to it yet, you really should--preferably in a quiet, dark room. It's like a beautiful depression. 
Picks:....you better just listen straight through. It'll be obvious.


The Joshua Tree -U2
Here's an awesome aural experience!! U2 does America. This one's great for taking long walks outdoors. Every song is of the highest quality. You can feel the air and wide, open spaces.
Picks: "Where the Streets Have No Name", "With or Without You", "Bullet the Blue Sky", oh godammit I want to list all of them..... 


OK Computer -Radiohead
A modern gem right here, made for the claustrophobia of the modern age. Radiohead are some of the most masterful, intelligent musicians of our time, and they can carve out a great album like nobody's business. This is their masterwork. Written and composed during a time of great stress, the band just coming off a tough tour, this is an album about fear: fear of travel, fear of technology, fear of others, fear of death. Every song is perfection. I'd recommend grabbing a lyric sheet your first time around.
Picks: "Airbag", "Paranoid Android", "Karma Police"









Yay you read it what do you want a cookie or something go home geez


Hey, I'm back. Here's some of what I've collected since my last post:


Songs of Faith and Devotion -Depeche Mode
Got this one from a friend. Depeche Mode is a great band, but up till now the only album I had was Violator; so I was glad to add another to my collection. And this one rocks!! It's got a helluva great sound to it, and the songs are great. A little less electronic/experimental than their earlier work, but still awesome. I totally reccomend it, but if you're new to DM, you really should listen to Violator first.
Picks: "I Feel You" and "Get Right With Me" are both pretty good. 

...And Justice for All -Metallica
Ok, here's the thing... I'm not a metal fan. I just can't get into it; the sound doesn't do anything for me. BUUUT, being the way I am, I wanted to expand my library a little bit in that area, so I got this. I chose this album because I know Metallica and they have a few songs that I actually like (I have The Black Album), and because this one sounded the best to me. Did I like it? Ehhhhhhhh.... It's ok. But not enough to convert me to metalism.
Picks: "One" and the title track. 

Badmotorfinger -Soundgarden 
What? Did you think that just cuz I don't like metal I sit around listening to Elton John all day? Hell no. Soundgarden is awesome. I picked this one up at the local Family Dollar; I love their other album, Superunknown, so I figured I'd give this one a try. I love it! Definitely a lot heavier than Superunknown, but it sounds great. The first half is stellar; it's not even so much the songs themselves as much as the aural awesomeness. The second half is sloppy shit, but the holdover from first half makes it all worth it.
Picks: "Rusty Cage", "Jesus Christ Pose", "Outshined"

Vol. 4 -Black Sabbath
If you're one of those that considers these guys metal, then HERES a kind of metal I can get behind!! Good ol' Black Sabbath. They guys could play, I tell ya. You can't beat that sound. I have their wonderful first three albums, and this seemed like the logical choice for the next one to get. So how did I like this one? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... It kinda disappointed, really.  As an album, It just doesn't hold up as well as the earlier ones. I mean, it has it's high points, and that great signature sound, but overall it just sounds bored and unfocused. And seriously, what the fuck is up with "Changes"? That shit sucks. But at least there's some good music packed in there.
Picks: "Snowblind" and "Supernaut"

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness -Smashing Pumpkins
Frankly, I never paid much attention to the Smashing Pumpkins until a few months ago. I sat down and finally listened to the free copy of Siamese Dream I had gotten in a promotion a while back, and was quite surprised at how good it actually was. So I've wanted to get this one for a while, seeing as it's their other big hit record. I haven't really spent much time with it yet so I don't have a solid opinion of it yet, but if you're interested, you really should go listen to Siamese Dream if you haven't already. It's real good; particularly the tracks "Today" and "Cherub Rock". 

Heaven Up Here -Echo and the Bunnymen
C'mon, you gotta love a band with a name like that!! Anyway, I first got acquainted with this band when I heard "The Killing Moon" on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. I loved that song, so I've been meaning to hear more of their stuff for a while. I finally settled on this album after I noticed it made Rolling Stone's top 500, and I'm glad I did cuz it's great. It's kinda got that same sound as early U2.
Picks: I haven't really spent enough time with it yet to say, but "Over the Wall" and the title track are pretty good...

Hemispheres -Rush
I love Rush. Nothing much to say about this one except it's one of the albums from Rush's golden years that I was missing. No picks cuz you've pretty much gotta hear the whole thing, but I will say, "La Villa Strangiato" is definitely something special.


· "Hold me Now" -Thomson Twins
  Awesome, awesome 80's song. 
· "Twilight Zone" -Golden Earring
  Thanks, @Sarcastic Coffeecup, for this one. 
· "Radar Love" -Golden Earring
· "Hot Blooded" -Foreigner 

  Never used to like this one; guess it grew on me...
· "I Ran (So Far Away)" -A Flock of Seagulls
· "Space Age Love Song" -A Flock of Seagulls
· "Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)" -A Flock of Seagulls

  Their hair may have sucked, but their music didn't. 
· "Drift Away" -Dobie Gray
  Great old song that happened to be missing from my collection.  
· "Are You Experienced?" -Jimi Hendrix
  I love Hendrix, have most of his good stuff, but didn't have this one. 
· "Hot Rod Lincoln" -Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen
  Bill Kirchen's guitar. 'Nuff said. 
· "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" -The Monkees
  Good song. 
· "Not Fade Away" -The Rolling Stones
  Some great early Stones right here. 


That's it for now. 

Uhh, "rock on" or something......


Heyo. I like music. Collecting it, listening to it, rolling in it. Now I wanna talk about it. I think I might start posting about my music collecting here. Or maybe I won’t. We shall see. Anyway, feel free to drop by; maybe we can have some nice discussions. 


As an introduction, you can browse thru my current library here if you like*. My tastes vary fairly widely, but I mainly listen to rock and it’s varieties from the ’60’s to the ’90s. I abhor rap, hip-hop, post-circa2005 country, and modern pop. I listen digitally, use iTunes, and currently am in possession of about 6,000 songs. I don’t like streaming services and have discontinued my use of Pandora, etc because I like to be in control of what i listen to. All songs that I like and want to hear regularly are marked with a 5-Star rating and are automatically placed in a massive smart playlist that currently could play for 5 days, 16 hours, and 48 minutes without repeating a song. It’s like my own little radio station and i’m rather proud of it.


I made a nice haul today. Got my paycheck, had a surplus, so I treated myself and the fam. Gotta spend it before it burns a hole in my slacks y’know. 



First up, here’s two i actually got a few days ago:

Astral Weeks - Van Morrison
I only recently got into Van the Man. I had a few of his songs I knew and liked, but no albums. A few days ago i was listening to my favorite song of his, “Caravan” from The Last Waltz soundtrack, and i was just so into it—that sheer power and soul he puts into his singing. So I resolved to fill this gap in my collection. I chose this album because everyone “in the know” sings of it’s glory, and from what I heard about it, it seemed pretty interesting. I do really like it; It’s a bit mellow so i don’t see myself listening to it all the time, but it’s got a nice feel. My fave tracks are “Astral Weeks”, “The Way Young Lovers Do”, and “Madame George”. “Ballerina” is growing on me too; that baseline is heavenly!!

Moondance - Van Morrison
Got this because it’s also highly praised, and because it’s a more straight-up album with some great hits to complement the more artsy feel of Astral Weeks. Plus, it has good ol’ “Caravan”. I liked this one as well! The first half just blows you away; the second half is also good, but doesn’t quite wow you like the first side. I hate the album cover tho; it probably looked fine at the time, but nowadays it looks too much like those cheap compilation CDs you find at Kmart. Best tracks: “And it Stoned Me”, “Moondance”, “Caravan”, “Into the Mystic”, and more.



Now for what I got today:



Gord’s Gold - Gordon Lightfoot 
I love Gordon Lightfoot. Such a great, smooth voice, beautiful songs. Love singing along to this guy. But for all too long I’ve neglected to expand my horizons to more than a handful of his songs, and I finally decided to do something about it. I usually steer FAR away from greatest hits albums like these, but this one has some versions of his earlier songs that aren’t found on any other albums, so i got it anyway. Don’t have any picks yet for this one, but if you’re new to Gordy, check out “Sundown”, “Race Among the Ruins”, or “If I Could Read Your Mind”.


Shadows - Gordon Lightfoot
Another Gordo pick. No one seems to like this one much, but I don’t know why! There are some KILLER songs on here. Also, his singing has a much more biting, snarly thing going on in this one than I can recall from his other work. If the rest of the album is as good as these stellar picks—“14 Carat Gold”, “Baby Step Back”, and “In My Fashion”—then I’m gonna frickn’ love this one.


Born Under a Bad Sign - Albert King
The blues, baby!! Can’t beat it. I’ve been trying to gather more classic blues for my collection. It’s incredible how the more music you hear, the more you can grasp the form of it; you start to see how stuff like this inspired so much other music to come. You can feel the birth of bands like Cream, Led Zeppelin, etc in these old blues records. This one is a little newer, hailing from ’67, but it’s still got that sound. I picked it out because a.) I know its a favorite of many other blues-rock musicians, b.) because I believe the backing musicians are the guys from Booker T. & the M.G.’s of “Green Onions” fame, and c.) because it sounds goddamn badass, man. Just go take a listen to the title track and you’ll see what i mean.


Pilgrim - Eric Clapton
Another usually maligned album from an artist who didn’t age well. But I think theres something really special about this album. It’s got that dreamlike synthy 90’s sound that I love but don’t find very often; the last album i heard it on was on some tracks of Depeche Mode’s Violator. It also has one of the single greatest guitar solos in Eric’s career. Eric is such a fantastic guitarist, but since he left bands like Cream and Derek and the Dominoes he’s mostly kept his skill bottled up, never letting his talent really shine. But at the end of the title track of this album, he just lets it all fly out in a glorious climax. It’s very moving. I already had a few tracks from this one, but i figured it deserved to finally be completed. Picks: “My Father’s Eyes”, “Pilgrim”, “Circus”, “River of Tears”


20th Century Masters: The Grass Roots - The Grass Roots
Yep, another of my loathed greatest-hits CDs. But in this case i justify it because their catalogue is too messy for me to want to bother with, and every single song i want is here. These guys were freakin awesome. They were a folk-rock band with a 60’s pop vibe. Had some hits but were never super popular. Remember Creed from that show The Office? He used to play with these guys in their early days. Picks: “Let’s Live for Today”, “Midnight Confessions”, “Temptation Eyes”, “Sooner of Later”, “Where Were You When I Needed You?”




“The Thrill Is Gone” - B.B. King
………I realized I didn’t have any B.B. King in my library….whoops
“Jim Jones (at Botany Bay)” - Bob Dylan
Heard a great version of this sung by Jennifer Jason Leigh in The H8ful Eight, but the version on the soundtrack isn’t cleaned up, leaving all the movie sounds in and i didn’t like that. I jumped on this when i saw Dylan did a version, cuz he’s my number 1 favorite artist of all time. I’m a goddamn Dylan freak.
“Words of Love” - Buddy Holly
A very nice song.
“Wooden Ships (Live)” - Crosby and Nash
Personally my favorite version of the CSN hit. This is from the Another Stoney Evening live album.
“Great Balls of Fire” Jerry Lee Lewis
“Dancing in the Street” - Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

Both just classics.


So that was today’s haul. Looking forward to a nice listening session sometime soon.



*some things were removed from the pdf cuz I didn’t find them relevant. nothing big tho.