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An intro to Irreverent - meme style




Stolen from another Fur....hey, its a meme!

A - Age

B - Biggest fear
Dying of cancer

C - Cold or warm weather?
Hot! Its the Heat and Humid together that make Toronto summers great!

D - Drink you last had

E - Extraterrestrials, do they exist?
Frank Drake seems to think so, good enough for me.

F - First thing you did when you woke up
Shaved and showered.

G - Ghosts, are they real?

H - How tall are you?
175cm (5'9'' for you Yanks)

I - In love with someone?
Yep, my life mate since 1986. She's not a fur, but she tolerates my eccentricities (mostly)

J - Jealous of someone?
No. Not really my style.

K - Killed anyone?
The statute of limitations has not run out.

L - Last time you ever cried
I don't remember.

M - Music genre you dislike the most
Really not a fan of Dubstep/Screemo.

N - Newest acquisition
A really great "Jedi" cloak from Armstreet

O - One wish
To fly (as pilot in command) again.

P - Pie flavour, which is your favourite?
Coconut/Banana cream

Q - Question you often ask
"What fresh Hell is this?!"

R - Reason to smile
Any day I'm on the green side of the grass is a good one.

S - Song you like the most
"This Corrosion" - The Sisters of Mercy (extended mix)

T - Time you woke up
Usually 5:55am, just in time to hear the CBC morning news.

U - Underwear color
Pink boxers with black and white "farting" skunks (my daughters buy odd Father's day gifts)

V - Videogame you like the most
Old school Atari

W - Worst habits
I drink and smoke cigars way too much these days.

X - X-rays taken
3 cat scans and 1 MRI this year alone.

Y - Your favorite food
Shrimp curried Roti washed down with ginger beer.

Z - Zodiac sign
Cancer the Crab.



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