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The Monster Under My Bed





JiveGuru  JiveGuru has launched a delightful new web comic at http://themonsterunderthebed.net/ Its semi-NSFW. Some panels do include nudity and suggested sexual contact.

Published most Sundays, this is the story of a young boy that meets and becomes infatuated with the young monster that is in "monster training" under his bed. And how she quickly becomes infatuated with him. Its a well drawn, well dialoged "fish out of water/coming of age" story that reads well and is a visual delight to the eye.

But wait! It gets better!

The web comic (still in its very early days) is actually the visual component to a novella length short story of the same name. Published in serial format in his gallery (and complete in pdf/rtf/doc format elsewhere) , the novella goes into much greater detail than the comic....with some very interesting plot twists! Well written, and with just a hint of tastefully done erotica, TMUMB is a swashbuckling, rollicking lovers romp through the back story of these two young protagonists. Full of twists, turns and easy to read prose, its a great fantasy ScFi read for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Check out JiveGuru  JiveGuru and be sure to give this up and coming Canadian fantasy SciFi author/artist a watch! You'll be glad you did!



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