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I Need Caffeine!




This week, I decided to kick off a cola cutback initiative. That is to say, I forgot to buy more and decided to give going cola-free a chance for a week. While I like the idea, the absence of my dinner time caffeine seems to be hampering my after-hours productivity. Then again, I've also been stuck with after-hours work from my job, so maybe that has more to do with it. I think I'll keep the cola off and see how long I can go without it (I've got one can saved for Friday) but I really need another caffeine source. I'm not much of a tea drinker. So far, all I've replaced it with is water. Sometimes I've added an aspartame-based sweetener, but it has mostly been plain water. Blegh, I get enough of plain water during the day at work.

Oh, and my package arrived safe and sound on Tuesday! Yay! ^.^



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