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Making a purchase is kind of like putting a hole in a dam. The bigger the hole, the more likely it is to expand in an flood of expenditures. That 'souvenir' I bought in Sedona was something of a dambuster. I need a place to put it. I have very little in the way of furniture or decorations in my place. So, I had to buy something to put it on/in. Since I was home for the Thanksgiving, I thought it'd take my mom out shopping for furniture; a nice way to spend some time with her. Plus, she's great at decoration, so she'd be able to help me find something that's perfect for this sort of thing.

And find we did! Here's a picture of it at the store.


Even better, we also found the perfect bookcase! I've been looking for something to replace the crappy particleboard bookcase I've had since a child, for about 3 years now. I really like the bookcase: It has a light, sliding door, and looks rather spiffy. I bought two of them:


Well, OK, it's more accurate to say I bought one of them. My parents offered to make the other a Christmas gift and I was very happy to accept! Because the store had just recently opened (and we were not financing through them) we got a delightful 15% off and free shipping. It should arrive Dec. 7th.

We'll have to take the back off the case in order to actually fit the statue in, along with the top most glass pane. The door of the case is on the side, but it is a bit less that the 6 inches of the statue's base. I'll probably have to get some more stuff to fill the other parts of the case. But not now. I don't want to spend any more money, Christmas is coming up! X( These are a pictures of the statue fox statue I'll be putting in the smaller case. I took them with my camera, so they are gigantic again and Phoenix choked trying to generate a preview image for them again.


I also tried out my camera's video recording setting! Here's a video of the statue spinning




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