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Problem Solved




If you love mice, I suggest you skip this entry.


So, I caught my little guest. The one that had been leaving little droppings in my kitchen. He was a clever one, more so than I thought. Turns out he was too big to fit in the small trap, so that's why he didn't fall for that. He wasn't too small for the big metal no-kill trap, though. Instead, somehow he was able to steal the bait off the plate without triggering the trap. That thing was licked clean! I don't know how he managed it; I set it off constantly just trying to put the bait on!

So, I had to resort to a kill trap. I bought some glue traps and put them out where they had to travel. Sure enough, this morning there was a hefty mouse stuck to it. But, there was a problem: it was still struggling! I thought the glue traps were supposed to be poisonous, but apparently not! I had to pick up the trap with a paper towel, while it was trying to heave itself off the plate, and drop it into a plastic bag. The suffocation should be painless, right?

I feel kind of bad for it. Well, OK no I don't. But I feel like I should feel bad for it.


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That rat has no stay in your home. Maybe killing it is a little too much but that way you can be 100% certain it won't be coming back. Personally, if you kill it or not doesn't matter to me. Rats are fucking gross anyway, who knows how many diseases that thing is carrying. Careful not to get too close

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