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Mice! In my kitchen! They left droppings on my sink! XC Time to disinfect it again!

Augh! I knew I had some of the little pests. There was a brief presence when the first cold spell of winter hit. I put out my usual no kill trap, baited with my tried-and-true choice: butter and peanut butter. This has been successful in the past, but this time they didn't fall for it. Shorty after that, all signs of them disappeared. I left the trap out just in case, but it caught nothing. But they're back. And they crapped on top of the trap. I think they're too big to fit or something.

Now they've gone too far! No more 'No Kill' traps, it's time for this fox to quit playing around. Tomorrow I'm going to the hardware store and picking up... some kind of trap that, like, kills. And more disinfectant. A lot more disinfectant. *shudder*



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>It's time for this fox to quit playing around.

You stop that.


EDIT: Wait, wtf. Why can I edit your comments? @Carenath It's broken!

EDIT EDIT: You fuckin' stop that.

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I forgot that I have an even larger No Kill trap. Rather than spend money on kill traps, I think I'll try that first. Usually when I capture them, I dump them in the woods over by my office. It's a good 10-20 min drive, so they won't be coming back and it's isolated enough they won't be bothering anybody else out there.

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