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Fox Rambles 2: Quick Smash Bros. Thing!




Heyyo, everyone! Just a bit of a quick entry here tonight.  Bayonetta and Corrin have just arrived in Smash Wii U/3DS!  As you’re reading this entry, I’m downloading the required update.  To be completely honest here, I’m still salty over Corrin’s Smash confirmation; that slot that they’re taking up could’ve been used for a better character.  However, when it comes to the Umbra witch, I’m super hyped.  I may even put her up on the Main Pedistal, right next to Roy and Cloud.  Of course: That’s if she fits my play style.  The sacred art of “No Holds Barred Texas Cage Match”.  So yeah: After I get Bayonetta nestled into my game, it’ll be practice time.  Of course, there’s still the Link Vs. Cloud Conquest going on. I may do that first, since I didn’t participate yesterday.  Team Cloud all the fucking way, guys!  I guess I should wrap this up, and put a pretty bow on top.  After all: We’re gonna have the results to the match of the century in two days.  Cloud Vs. Link....  Who do you think’s gonna win?  Let me know in the comments, and I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow.  G’night, Phoenixed!



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