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Just a blog of nerdy ramblings by yours truly.  Part of a complete breakfast!

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Good day, all you wonderful people! Today, there's absolutely nothing to talk about in regards to the FFVII Remake, or FFXV.  I've already said my two cents on them.  If I were to talk about them right now, I'd just be all: "YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!" and start foaming at the mouth.  So, instead of Final Fantasy, I want to talk about a franchise that I've played for quite some time: The Legend of Zelda.  I've only played a few games from this series: Four Sword AdventuresOcarina of TimeMajora's MaskZelda IZelda II: The Adventure of Link, my personal favorite Twilight Princess, and Wind Waker; in that order.  Four Sword Adventures was my first Zelda game.  However, I never completed it; like five others on the list. As for the four games after that: My brother and I had a collector's edition disk for our Gamecube, which is how I got to play those. Like Four Sword, I never finished them; Even the 3DS versions of OoT and MM are incomplete. Zelda I and Zelda II are my least favorite bay far; I got lost so many times that I just rage quit.

See, guys, I actually found the fifth temple;which was pitch dark. Turns out I needed a candle.  So, I wander about for a bit until I come across an old lady in a random cave. Lo and behold: She's selling candles for 200 Rupees (Or less. I can't remember).  I stared at the screen, and then I reset and played the Wind Waker demo. That was the last time I ever even attempted Zelda I.  As for Zelda II...Well let's just say that the battles were a tad too jarring for my taste; I quit after running into five battles.

Twilight Princess; one of my all-time favorite games ever.  I could go on for ages about it.  However, I'll show some restraint here; if I don't throw caution to the wind first.  What is it about this game that I absolutely adore?  For starters, the wolf mechanic was pretty damn cool in my opinion. I loved changing into Wolf Link and running around Hyrule Field.  Also: Running around the Castle Town and scaring the shit out of everyone is fucking fun.  That had to be said.  Besides the wolf stuff, the moves that the Hero's Shade teaches you are absolutely glorious!  Especially the Finishing Blow and the Hurricane Spin; I used those all the damn time.  The main characters were great, the story was great, and even some of the dungeons were great. Some of them.  The Snow Peak Ruins and the City in the Sky were absolute hell. No, Yetto, I will not give you shit for your soup.  The Ruins have virtually no redeeming qualities  Unless you count the FFVII-inspired snowboarding mini-game that takes you there.  The City in the Sky, however, has a fucking dragon for a boss; that is the only redeeming quality for that dungeon.  This game is amazing.  However, I will admit one thing: It hasn't aged all that well.  The textures are all muddy and gross-looking, the models are borderline low-poly, and the bloom effect that Nintendo did for the Twilight Realm is too much.  Thankfully, there's a remaster to play.  To be honest though, I don't think I'll be getting it. Because one: I don't have a Wii U, and two: They've remastered the Gamecube version of the game; which I've played, and finished, eight times.  Besides that, I want a PS4 with the passion of a thousand suns.

Unlike Twilight Princess, The Wind Waker was something new for me.  Everything in it was cute, brightly-colored, and highly atmospheric with some cartoonish comedy sprinkled in.  It's cell-shaded art style was quite amazing to behold; especially after staring at TP's muddy colors for several months.  Back when it first came out, everyone tried roasting this game because of how it looked.  Honestly though, I really like it. Granted, I never finished it because I got stuck.  The King of Red Lions kept telling me to "Seek knowlege from the people of the sea!", and that still makes no sense to me.  Back when my brother and I still had the Gamecube (He sold it without asking first....Asshole.), I didn't have a laptop to search for walkthroughs.  So, as I previusly stated, I never finished the game.

Well, guys, that's about it for me today!  I hope you enjoyed this long-winded ramble about Zelda games.  I'll catch you guys and gals later!


Beware the ides of March, for a tetrad of road-tripping dorks is coming your way!  What I mean to say is that there’s gonna be some huge Final Fantasy XV news on March 30th.  It’s all gonna go down in LA at 11:00AM Pacific Time.  So, to all of those fans in Europe and Australia: I’m sorry you guys have to miss it.  Granted, I’m damn sure there are a few of you who are crazy enough to stay up for it.  More power to those people.  So, I watched the Active Time Report yesterday.  From what the guys said, the game is nearing completion; which makes them capable of providing a release date.  They’ll give us that information at this event.  What’s also gonna be at this event is a tech demo for the game, which will most likely bring to light the development process of this game.  Of course; I doubt they’ll be able to squeeze in a decade of development time into one video.  For those of you who don’t know, Final Fantasy XV began development under the XIII moniker as “Final Fantasy: Versus XIII” .  After the XIII trilogy was panned by gamers and critics alike, Square decided to make this game a stand-alone title. Thus, XV was born.  Shortly before the change, this game went under the radar for five years, which pissed of some people.  Then, they showed it at E3 2013 with better graphics, new characters, and a new story; it was also shifted to the PlayStation 4.  Fast forward to Episode Duscae, the official demo for XV.  Fans praised it, save for a few minor hiccups.  The developers actually listened to the feedback and tweaked everything that was wrong. BAM! Now, this game is finally nearing the end stages of development.  I’m so fucking ready for this game, guys!

With that said, I'm out. Peace!


Well hello there, everyone!  I hope you've mastered your Hadoukens and Shoryukens because this entry is about to go into all out Akuma mode.  So, Street Fighter V was just released to the masses.  I, along with everyone else, was so fucking hyped for this game.  Thanks to Happy Console Gamer and AlphaOmegaSin, I now know that the hype wasn't even worth it.  Apparently, Capcom (Or Crapcom, as I like to call them) has released an incomplete product. As of right now, Street Fighter V has a painfully short story mode, a broken online mode, and no arcade mode whatsoever.  They essentially released the beta of the game at the cost of a full experience.  This is where I feel that a mini-rant is in order.

What the actual fuck is wrong with gaming these days?  Back when I was growing up, we got a full game; the only half-assed products we ever got were peripherals and movie tie-ins.  What gives developers the right to give us, the consumers, and incomplete waste of memory space?  If there's ever a moment where I'm ashamed to be a gamer, this instance is definitely it.  God, please don't let Square Enix do this to Final Fantasy VII, or XV....

In a not-so-clever segue, let's talk about Final Fantasy XV.  Supposedly, we're supposed to be getting some news pertaining to this title very soon.  I'm not entirely sure as to what this news is going to be about though.  I suspect that Square may give us a release day, seeing as we know it'll be this year.  Gee, guys.  This game has been in development hell for ten years.  A decade after that first trailer debuted at E3, and we're finally getting this game.  Granted: It's going to be a hell of a lot different than what we saw back in '06. This makes me feel old as balls right now.  I mean: We've watched this game evolve from Versus XII to Final Fantasy XV for a decade; who wouldn't feel old?  Well, I guess that about does it for today, guys.  I'm curious: What do you guys think about Street Fighter V's less-than-great launch, and: Are you psyched for FFXV's launch? Let me know what you think in the comments! I'll see you guys later!


Good morning, friends!  I’m back once again to talk about my obsession: Final Fantasy VII; namely the Remake.  We all know about those quirky scenes of Cloud cross-dressing, the Gold Saucer date with Barret, and various other parts that some fans are absolutely in love with.  But, what if I told you that Square Enix may take out some of those scenes?  If a certain interview is enough to go by, then we may not see the Honey Bee Inn, or even Wall Market, at all.  Naturally, this is where I point the finger at a certain group of Tumblrinas: The Social “Justice” Warriors.  About a month and a half ago, I was scrolling through the FFVII tag, finding reblogable pictures and text posts, when I come across an SJW’s blog.  They, much to my absolute frustration, say things like: “I hope they take out the Honey Bee Inn entirely!” and “This game is sexist!”  That statement makes no fucking sense to me.  How is Final Fantasy VII sexist?  Is it because Aerith dies?  First off, using a character’s death as an excuse wave the sexist card is an asshole thing to do.  Secondly, do they even realize that Aerith, in a sense, comes back in Advent Children?  I mean for fuck’s sake: She even helps Cloud in the movie!  SJW’s in general, if you guys haven’t guessed, piss me off.  It’s because of them that the newest Dead or Alive game will never have a US release.  But, I digress.

On a bit of a happier note, I found something worth thinking about.  I saw a post on Tumblr about a prediction for the remake:  Will there be perks/incentives to using characters other than Cloud?  For those of you who are currently out of the loop, the FFVII Remake will feature the ability to switch characters amongst your current party.  You can play as Cloud, or either of the two other characters you chose for your party.  So, will there be any perks or incentives?  Personally, I hope so.  For example: Red XIII is faster than the others because he’s quadropedal, or perhaps Vincent has some sort of auto-dodge perk, or Aerith has some sort of ability that ups the effectiveness of healing items and spells, or that Cloud is a “Glass Cannon” that deals tons of damage.  I would love to see what Square’s gonna do with this feature.  Anyways, that about wraps it up for today.  I’m curious though: What kinds of perks and/or incentives would you like to see in the remake?  I’d love to read your thoughts and opinions!  Next time, I’ll try not to talk so much about VII.  Peace out!


Hey, everyone!  Your pal, Riley, is back again with even more nerdy rambles, and Ramen!  So, as some of you know, I’m a huge Final Fantasy VII fangirl.  I bet you can’t guess what I’m gonna be talking about today.  Yes: More FFVII.  “What!? Again!?” Yes, again.  I’ve been trying my damnedest to stay in the loop in regards to the Remake.  However, that’s proving to be difficult at this point in time.  Just like with Kingdom Hearts 3, Square Enix has been extremely mum about the Final Fantasy VII Remake.  The only news we’ve gotten since PSX and E3, is that the scenario for part one is complete.  This bit of news came from an issue of Famitsu that came out shortly before PSX.  So, Part One is officially done in the sense of writing.  Now, we need to wait until next year for it to be officially released.

Again: Square has been awfully quiet about this games development outside of the Famitsu column, PSX, and E3 2015.  This, if you couldn’t tell by the title, has me very concerned.  You’d think they’d give us something; a metaphorical bone to throw us.  However, they haven’t given us any hints or clues as to what the remake will be like in the long run. This could be a sign of two things: Either the game’s gonna suck, or it’s gonna knock our collective socks off.  I honestly hope for the second thing. Oh, and just a quick heads-up in regards to KH3: Disney is legally binding them into shutting up. I digress though.  If gaming history has shown us anything, it’s that silence isn’t always a good thing.  Of course: Square knows that they absolutely shouldn’t fuck this up.

That’s enough from me today, guys.  I wanna know what you think of Square’s non-legally-bound silence. If you want, you can leave a comment expressing your thoughts and opinions down below.  I’ll see you guys later. Peace!


What's good, everyone?  I'm kinda back, and kinda not back; it's kinda hard to describe what I am at the moment.  I've been a busy, little fox for the past while.  I started a roleplaying blog on Tumblr back in late January; it's a Cloud Strife blog (makosoldierboy.tumblr.com if you guys wanna go take a look.).  So far, it has 25 followers; some of which are my senpais.  This blog has been getting my undivided attention; which is why I've been dead on here for a while.  I need to be more active here too I guess.  Well, I guess that's it for this entry.  I know it's kinda short, but I have a headache at the moment.  See you guys later!


Heyyo, everyone! Just a bit of a quick entry here tonight.  Bayonetta and Corrin have just arrived in Smash Wii U/3DS!  As you’re reading this entry, I’m downloading the required update.  To be completely honest here, I’m still salty over Corrin’s Smash confirmation; that slot that they’re taking up could’ve been used for a better character.  However, when it comes to the Umbra witch, I’m super hyped.  I may even put her up on the Main Pedistal, right next to Roy and Cloud.  Of course: That’s if she fits my play style.  The sacred art of “No Holds Barred Texas Cage Match”.  So yeah: After I get Bayonetta nestled into my game, it’ll be practice time.  Of course, there’s still the Link Vs. Cloud Conquest going on. I may do that first, since I didn’t participate yesterday.  Team Cloud all the fucking way, guys!  I guess I should wrap this up, and put a pretty bow on top.  After all: We’re gonna have the results to the match of the century in two days.  Cloud Vs. Link....  Who do you think’s gonna win?  Let me know in the comments, and I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow.  G’night, Phoenixed!


Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone!  This is my first blog entry on this website.  I hope you enjoy nonsensical ramblings; because that’s what you’re gonna be getting here!  I tend to go on a million and a half tangents since my brain goes faster than Sonic the Hedgehog.  Anyways, let’s open this up on a dream I had last night:

It all started at an open-air furmeet.  It may have been a Fur BQ, but I don’t recall seeing a grill.  Anyways, so I’m going around, being a social fox; I stop to talk with a green kangaroo fursuiter.  I’m not entirely sure what we were talking about though.  So, the FurBQ continues, and I’m still talking to the roo, when a black, purple, and blue bus comes pulling into the event.  That’s when I break off the conversation and go over to the bus.  There, I meet up with 2 and Uncle Kage.  The bus door opens and my parents come out.  I say:  “Mom, dad, this is 2 the Ranting Gryphon, and this fine gentleman here is Uncle Kage!” My mom has the decency to shake hands with them, while my dad is rude and just nods at them.  I can’t remember much after that, but I think that I was trying to explain to them what furry was, and I was trying to get them to understand it.  I think it went over quite well.  You know your a furry when you dream about furries. Am I right?

Now, I’m going to talk about a somewhat serious topic.  Apparently, YouTube/Google’s staff have been removing YouTube videos and entire channels without rhyme or reason. IHateEverything, Bobsheux, and even the NostalgiaCritic have run into this problem.  In Doug’s video on the issue, he says that YouTube channels are being taken down without rhyme or reason, and that some of the ways to contact YouTube’s staff don’t work.  Unfortunately, that’s because the claims system is an algorithm; there’s no human being behind the claims, and the help desk.  That, in my honest opinion, is the biggest fuck up Google has ever done.  The forced Google+ integration is nothing compared to this.  YouTubers, and the people who watch them, have to suffer because of the flawed system that’s currently in place.  Doug’s channel got its monetization revoked four days ago;  the poor guy’s going broke because some schmuck, most likely Derrick Savage, abused the broken system.  If you can’t take criticism, then why are you in the movie/TV/video game business?  Google, I know you don’t want to pay your employees, but PLEASE: Fix the goddamn copyright claims system!  It’s broken, it’s exploitable, and it’s outright damning for your website.  Take away the algorithm, and put some human beings in place.

Thankfully though, Doug got his monetizing back yesterday.  In his follow-up video: “What the Hell YouTube? Part 2”, he goes on to say that there are other YOuTubers who have fallen victim to this flawed system.  Many of which are Let’s Players, movie critics, and other channels that display copyrighted materials for reviews.  With people like Derrick Savage around, the algorithm is easily abused and YouTubers, big or small, are suffering for it.  Again, Google, fix it.

Now, onto something happier: Final Fantasy VII.  Namely the remake.  As Reggie would say: “My body is ready!”  I can’t stress enough how psyched I am for this game.  I’d say I’m a hybrid of Maximillian Dood and Etika when it comes to my level of hype.  However, there are people out there who are the exact opposite of that.  Recently, YouTube reccomended some Anti-Remake videos to me.  I caved and watched one of them.  Let’s just say that the person talking was just plain salty.  All I could hear was whining like: “WEH! IT’S NOT GONNA BE GOOD BECAUSE IT’S NOT WHAT I WANT IT TO BE!”   AKA: a potential elitist.   Don’t get me wrong: It’s okay to have an opinion.  But, when you’re trying to shit on a game that isn’t even out yet, you look like a dumbass.  Okay, I guess I’m done yapping for today.  I hope you enjoyed this roller coaster of weirdness and nerd rage.  See ya!

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