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I'm passing Data Structures and Calculus II!




This time last year I was failing Data Structures and had completely given up on the class, not even bothering to go most of the time. Cal II I was struggling with immensely. Grades recently came in, and in Data Structures, the same class I was failing this time last year, I made a 96 on the last test. You have no idea how happy and exciting this is! A 96! After all this time of fear and seemingly crushed dreams, I'm making it through the things I struggled with last year! And on the most recent Cal II test? I made an 88. I can't remember how well I did last year, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't that good. 

This all said, its not over yet. I can't afford to let my guard down. I still have one test left in both of these classes before the Final, and I still have programming assignments to do for Data Structures. A lot of work is ahead, and with only a month of school left I've gotta give it my all so it'll all pay off. But still, this is exciting and I think its worth celebrating! I'm passing and doing so much better than I was last year!


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