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There's no one IRL I know to enjoy weeb things with




I sometimes find myself sad or frustrated because I find it difficult to relate to anyone I know. I don't mean anything super serious; I just wish I had friends I could get excited about things with. There's plenty of people online who I find make for great conversation, but not so much so in real life. I want a friend to get excited about video games with. Someone who knows and likes a lot of the things I do. People who I would have fun with and want to spend time playing with and talking to.

Currently, most of my IRL friends are...honestly really boring. Or rather, I find it difficult to enjoy spending time with them a lot of the time. Dont get me wrong; they're awesome friends and really cool people. But its little things that irk me. I spend most of my free time playing video games or watching various animated works. Most of my friends...Well, all they do is play TF2, Heroes of the Storm, and League of Legends. I can't get into MOBAs or most Western games, and I don't really like multiplayer oriented games most of the time (its hard for me to get into something that doesn't have a story or doesn't have an ending). But the few times I do find something I like, none of them want to bother with it. No one wants to pay for a subscription to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. No one wants to download Phantasy Star Online 2 since its a Japanese only game and looks, in their words, "too Square Enix-y" (even though its a SEGA game). No one cares about the upcoming release of God Eater 2. When I suggested one try playing Resident Evil 5 with me, he said he doesn't like games that have a huge number of games in the same series (this same person plays and enjoys Metal Gear Solid V). So multiplayer games don't really work out between us. So one would think there'd be singleplayer games, right? Well the thing is, when I say TF2, HotS, and LoL are all they play, I mean it. All day every day they play the game together and I have to hear my friends talk for hours and hours using in-game terms with each other over voice chat on Discord, relaying strategies and such between each other. It often feels like I'm listening to them say the same things over and over all the time. I can't enjoy those games or get into them. And then they complain about how I'm not in the Discord chat enough to talk with them and be in on conversations. How could they expect me to do that? 

So that's unfortunate. And yet, when trying to talk about the most basic of singleplayer games, they act confused. One of them thought that all the Final Fantasy games took place in the same universe and used pre-existing characters from previous entries. When I get excited about something and am like "Check out this cool stuff!" in the hopes of having someone to get excited about something, I'm ignored. Actually, most of the things I say and suggest are ignored. I often feel alone, despite having my friends around all the time.

The thing is, is that I'm in deep in most of the things I like. I'm the type of person who gets excited for games like htol#NiQ: The Firefly Diary and gets excited for obscure Spanish films like Psiconautas. How could I eve relate to someone who doesn't even know the most basic of things in these sorts of mediums I enjoy?

Perhaps its because I'm far too shallow; that I essentially surround myself and make my life mostly revolved around video games and animation. That maybe I need to expand my horizons. I just want someone to get excited about things for and be able to talk about the things I'm interested in with. Someone I could relate to and say "Hey, check out this cool new thing" and they be like "Yeah, I saw that. It looks awesome!" and then we get excited together and talk for a while and play games together and watch tv together. I just feel kind of alone sometimes.

Anyways, I needed to get this out since I just felt kind of sad right now that there wasn't anyone I knew IRL who I could talk with about things. 


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