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Getting Hyped!




It's almost time for my vacation! Two and a half weeks away from work; a break I sorely need. I'll be going on a trip to Latvia with my parents and siblings. We're going to see the old country! My father's parents emigrated from there just before the WWII came to the country (in fact, my grandmother's apartment was apparently shelled not long after). Going to see some sights and try to reconnect with the past and some long-lost relatives. That will be the majority of the trip, though the tail end of it will see us in France for the tail end of the the Tour De France. The flight will be killer, but I've given myself a day to recuperate once I get back. Though, I expect a fair bit of that day will be spent on yard work as it will no doubt have grown horrendously in the mean time.

Expect future blog entries (and pictures!) though probably not until I actually get back.

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