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Found 1 result

  1. Seriously, when there are plenty of legal alternatives that are very similar, and sometimes even the same thing, for all intents and purposes, it makes me wonder why people do illegal stuff these days, at all. There have been a ton of new designer drugs recently that can be ordered from the internet. Because the drug laws (in America anyway) are so screwed up, each time something new is to be made illegal it almost always requires a lengthy process of passing a bill, having it voted through the Senate and House, the related bipartisan tug-of-war bullshit from Congress that accompanies it, and this assumes it doesn't get vetoed, which it won't because no president wants to support "OMG DRUGZ". Things like benzodiazepine anaolgs are legal anyway, since the Analog Act only covers class A and B (these are class C). Stuff like clonazolam (not to be confused with clonazepam) is stronger than anything you can be prescribed, to my knowledge, and can be ordered over the internet legally and for less money than the standard deductible you'd pay with insurance. There are also those that work better, like pyrazolam (and other a2, a3-specific GABA agonists) that are strong anxiolytics but don't carry the same intoxicating qualities or memory problems associated with most GABA-ergic drugs. They still aren't prescribed as far as I'm aware, since they came out as designer drugs to sell in a niche online market (mainly dominated by the UK prior to new legislation there and in China) and so they couldn't be patented like other pharmaceuticals. 1,4-butanediol is a solvent used mainly in polymer chemistry, to make nylon for example. It is one of the most highly used industrial chemicals and isn't a controlled substance or even a controlled (watched) chemical in the United States (at the federal level, there are a few states with laws prohibiting it). When ingested, it breaks down to GHB in a quantitative fashion (by alcohol dehydrogenase to the aldehyde and then aldehyde dehydrogenase to the carboxylic alcohol). Since GBL is highly watched, it is hard to get, as it breaks down to GHB in situ as well. That was the stuff people could get from a paint store and simply add NaOH to make GHB. It was removed from the shelves and any sales required to be reported to the DEA since around 2001. There are even non-analogues, for example I mentioned 2M2B in another thread. If you think these "legal" chemicals can't be as powerful as the stuff on the street, you should be aware that many fentanyl analogues, though of dubious legality, are still sold outright through mail order. It is a powerful drug, even more so than heroin, known as "china white" and is what Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane died from. There have been many counterfeit prescription drugs and street drugs containing it, without the knowledge of the buyer. Kratom is a better choice for an opiate high, since it targets the same receptors but is self-limiting and doesn't carry anywhere near the same addiction potential most other opioids do. For people that enjoyed ketamine while it was still highly available could possibly benefit from knowing MXE (methoxetamine) is a (possibly) legal dissociative with hallucinogenic properties that most people like much better than ketamine. Instead of PCP, stick an ether group on it and you get 5-MeO-PCP which is similar if not basically the same as its notorious counterpart. There are plenty of RC amphetamines and other stimulants, but even more conveniently you'll find Benzedrex in the store along with the other cold medication, which is an analog of methamphetamine and is highly structurally similar, only having a cyclohexane ring in place of the benzene ring. You can cut up the cotton inside the inhalers and ingest it, extract the propylhexedrine out of them with acidic water, or simply chew on them like I do if you don't mind having your mouth feel like it's on fire from the menthol, or feeling sick from the lavendar oil. It is highly recreational, being quite similar to meth, and lacking the shitty alpha-adrenergic effect you'll find with alpha-hydroxy containing phenylethylamines like ephedrine. Actually, this same trick could likely be applied to every phenylethylamine known to man to make a legal analog, or similarly by substituting with a theophine ring like they did with methiopropamine. LSD was (or probably still is) sold on the internet as 1P-LSD. Apparently stick a propyl group on it and it works just the same, but has the side effect of making it legal, or at least enough to sell it to Americans trying to skirt by the law and buy drugs of a more assured quality. More ingenious ways to get around these laws have been discovered, like the ring-splitting 2-AI or the 4-halogen substituted difuran analogues of drugs like 2-CB, in this case Bromo-Dragonfly. WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT
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