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Found 1 result

  1. Do you have seatbelt laws? We do. In my state, you are required to wear a seatbelt in a vehicle at all times. This is dumb. Know why? The law is supposed to keep us from hurting others, and protect us from being hurt ourselves. Seatbelt laws do neither. Seatbelt laws only protect you from yourself. What gives the government the right to tell me how I can and can't endanger myself? It's none of their business if I feel like getting my face smushed in by my steering wheel while cartwheeling through the jagged fragments my shattered windshield. I should be able to. I hurt no one but myself, and only I am to blame. But NOOOOO, if i don't take steps to protect myself, the police beat me up and take my money. We are being oppressed!! We have constitutional rights!! YOU'RE NOT MY DAD OBAMA!!!!! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!!!!!!! (The only exception is families. If we're going to have any seatbelt laws at all, it should be that parents need to have their children buckled in until they're old enough to make the decision to risk fiery death themselves. If you endanger your offspring, you're despicable) DISCUSS.
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