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Found 1 result

  1. So one of the things I never got around to doing on FAF was start a thread about the RPG/Action/Card game I've been making with my brother for the past...two years now. Holy shit it's been two years. As it turns out, making video games takes a long time when there are only two people and working part time. Who knew? So The Regret of Vitrerran is a real-time card game with light RPG elements set in a stained-glass art style. The battlefield is broken into two parts, the grids (attack and defense) and the playing field. Most of the cards work on the grids, attacking and defending in turn while tossing out the spells to do elemental damage, slow things down, reduce your global cooldown, etc. The playing field is for more bigger spells, like fields of fire, thunderbolts, or healing magic. Anything put on the playing field must be aimed. You can miss (I have, it sucks). Overall goal is to get your foes off the edge of the battlemap so they fall to their deaths. Story itself is fairly simple. Eight countries on Vitrerran built portals to connect each other, hoping that would solve some minor grievances while also allowing for better commerce. Portals were built, portals went up, and aw shucks, the portals started spewing out an infectious breed of monsters. Up to you to stop them and close all the portals! What sets the narrative apart is that I've been writing the dialogue BEFORE building the levels. I'm trying to approach this story like I would a novel, meaning the characters drive the plot and not the other way around. Or that's how it works in theory. Obviously I can't quite do that because it IS a video game and there are parameters. Still, it's mostly working, and depending on who you pick, you'll be getting a very different kind of story. There are eight characters, or four groups of two. The whole thing actually started as an iOS game in preplanning. I was trying to think of an action game that would work well on a touch screen. My brother and myself began talking, and Vitrerran was born. It took all of a week to realize that no, we weren't building something for iOS. This thing got big! Too big, maybe, but oh well. We're having fun. So that's mostly the sales pitch. We have a demo, and we haven't had that many people play it. Would be grand if ya'll think this is interesting to check it out. Closest feedback we have is, "Holy fuck this is really hard," which yeah. It kind of is. We're working on better balancing as we go along right now, though we'd still like a bigger sample size before we cement anything down. Because our website software could be better, the demo is on a Google drive At least you know you can trust Google. TL/DR AMA or whatever. I feel like sharing this because I've sunk two years and more hours than I can count into it and am proud of the progress thus far. I really think it'll be a fun game to play when it's done. Edit: Fun fact, all of the areas shown in the alpha trailer all look so different and so much better now. God we really need to make a new one of those.
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