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Willy Wonka/Charlie...and the chocolate factory


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It might seem random and out of place to have a thread open for a specific topic rather than broad but here.

I really liked this particular book/movie(s)

For those who dont know, yes, this was a book. The idea for the movies came from the book specifically written by Roahl Dahl. It's an engaging and fantastical read with whimsical writing and goofy illustrations. It's a kids book but worth the read. For those of you who read, you should read it, its an easy read. And if you dont read, read anyways. Its an easy book with a good tale and images to keep you engaged. (Oh...and on a tangent, Roahl Dahl also wrote "the bfg" a movie that will come out that Im curious to see. He also wrote "Fantastic Mr. Fox" which adapted to a movie for you furry enthusiasts)

Naturally, the first movie with the original Willy Wonka gets the most notoriety. Its a good movie, with interesting actors and classic moments that just go down in history. From the bad egg scene to Willy Wonkas confrontation/test with Charlie. .

The second movie is a bit darker and stranger, and most people write this one off because of nostalgia/loyalty to the first. However, the second while adding some of its own twist also attributes parts of the book gone unmentioned in the first movie (The chocolate palace with the Indian prince was an interesting scene in the book, gone unshown in the first movie and given screentime in the second)

Overall, a good series of all three forms and you cant say that for a lot of other book adaptations and remakes.

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The second, re-imagined movie definitely had great special effects and included a few things as you mentioned. For me, however, it played too heavily on the "tragic childhood" trope for Wonka and ultimately left me feeling like the flick was just another vehicle for Johnny Depp to be Johnny Depp.

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