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Rant AND Rave!

Lever Puller

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So I decided to get up and be productive today, as it's the only day for a long while I don't work until the afternoon (work 2 jobs and this will be my last training day at job 2)... and I'm completely out of clean laundry lmao (besides underwear and a bra, thankfully)

I just moved into an apartment complex with laundry rooms you have to use cards for. You go to the front office, put $5 into a machine that spits out the card, then load it with money. It's ~$2.60 per load. I get up, stop at the ATM for cash, then Big Lots for a microwave because studios don't have them and everywhere else I've lived already had one.

RANT: They don't have microwaves. They've got blenders and quesadilla makers and a fucking HOT DOG toaster that toasts the dogs and buns, but no fucking microwave.

RAVE: They had a super cheap toaster oven. At least I can heat my pizza!

So I move on. I have two pairs of regular jeans, and one pair of work jeans for my 2nd job. They all have holes in them at this point. I decide to stop at Ross to hopefully find some cheap jeans.

RANT: Junior's, women's, men's, MATERNITY.... All fucking skinny jeans in my size. I do not wear skinny jeans. I fucking HATE skinny jeans. Guess I'm not wearing pants anymore.

ALMOST RAVE: Super cute penguin soap dispenser with an adorable scarf and earmuf- TEN FUCKING DOLLARS? FUCKING ROSS DRESS FOR LESS GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.

Back home. Walk to the office to get the card.

RANT: The fucking card dispenser is broken. Fucking broken. So I can't do laundry. WHATEVER I'LL WEAR DIRTY ASS SCRUBS TO WORK, FINE.

And here I am. Back to watching Netflix in my pajamas until 3:45 when I have to get ready for work SIGH.

RAVE: My new kitten (who is FeLV+ and sick it's sad but HE'S HAPPY AND LOVED FOR NOW THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS) just jumped onto my bed and into my lap and my dogs are cuddled behind me and I'LL JUST BE HAPPY AND PANTLESS AND EATING PIZZA FOREVER.

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