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Feline Leukemia

Lever Puller

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I am currently 'fostering' (i.e. hospice, considering the circumstances...) a wonderful, adorable, tiny child baby bumpkin kitten who has feline leukemia. It was discovered that he had FeLV when he was a few weeks old. He sat at the clinic for a few weeks before I moved into an apartment and decided I was going to take him.

So far his only obvious issues are swollen lymph nodes, a persistent but mostly benign URI (upper respiratory infection, was treated with both azithro and clavamox, neither worked), and diarrhea (that I am currently treating with pumpkin). Unfortunately, these are all signs that he is sick and probably won't get better, just eventually worse. They don't affect his activity levels or personality at all, so at least he's happy for now :(

Let's talk about feline leukemia and other sad animal things because I'm whiny tonight.

I've read up on plenty regarding the disease, but feel free to share what you know, regardless.

Also, have some pictures:


Cuddling in my lap


Beating up the dogs


Not beating up the dogs


Playing with dog toys

His name is Atex, so named for a 'father and son' trash company that exists in Texas because he was found in a dumpster behind a Circle K and it came up when I googled 'trash service companies' lmao

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@Lever Puller I've been volunteering with a dog/cat rescue in my town for over 5 years now, and my understanding of FeLV is still just... far too limited. Mostly we've been challenged with finding homes for FIV+ cats. We've lost some very wonderful cats to FIP which is, as I am sure you know, something entirely different.

I want to thank you for taking on the role of foster and caregiver to Alex. He's a most excellent, wonderful, active bundle of feline chaos. I think that, no matter what happens, he's going to have an excellent time in your care and that you will make all the difference in his life no matter how short or long it may be.

I lost my first cat, Ra, to an accumulation of diseases from chronic pancreatitis to thyroid problems to kidney failure and pre-cancerous digestive cells. He was my first cat, my best friend for 15 years, and my introduction to "special needs" companions. Since then I've cared for two other Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) cats and lost them to complications. I am now the caregiver for a cat that has a seizure disorder (controlled via meds), a urinary crystal problem (controlled via diet) and one of my GF's two cats is a multiple-issue cat that has problems ranging from heart murmur to hyper-calcimia to asthma to chronic constipation and now diabetes. I think we attract broken critters, but... I can't turn them away or give them up.

You're doing the right thing, and an amazing kindness, by letting Alex live with you. I am so glad you have chosen to open your home and, more importantly, your heart to this little soul. May he have long, healthy days in front of him despite the challenges he faces.

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D'aww, what a sweet little kitty. x3 Looks like he has a lot of attitude too, get them pups!

I've personally had no experience with the disease that I know of (many cats have come and gone, but I don't think they had it). All I know is they have very hard times finding homes, so it's always awesome when people do give them that chance at a happy life while they can have it. You get to take comfort in the fact that you made however long his life is so much better than if he were kept in a cage for the entirety of it, regardless of how long he does get to live.

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