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Anyone looking to draw a wolf?


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Anyways, I've been wanting my boyfriend to design a fursona for ages so I can buy couple's art.

I originally came up with this design:


(The one in the upper left).

I asked him if he was ok with the design and he had me change a few things. 

He told me to add this purple glow around all the black markings that fades the closer to the body it is. Think spacey or ghosty, but mainly spacey. Eyes went from green to icey blue (a tad lighter than the ones I did but I was tired with all these changes (I had to change the eyes a few times). 

Anyways, glowy stuff is hard to do on my cell so I was wondering if anyone felt like drawing him? (It's easy in small areas but all over, nope). If you don't want to deal with body markings but want to go fullbody, a dark gray hoodie and old blue jeans would be perfect. 

Let's see: 

Pawpads and claws can be black.

If tongue is shown, normal pink but with a blue barbell piercing (I think that's what it's called).

Also, he requested guages in the ears, medium sized ones that go nicely with the canine structure. 

I dubbed the character Greed, so let's use that name for now. :)

Here is the doodle I came up with (minus piercings because I was getting tired)


Thanks in advance. :3

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