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Hollow Point Sisters[NSFW]


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'Sup, so this is where the FAF community congregated to now? Cool, I guess this would be a good place to start over.
Anyways, I wanted to drop by and show my comic project I'm currently working on: Hollow Point Sisters.


Hollow Point Sisters is a furry X-Rated Action/Dramedy/Urban Fantasy webcomic series centered around a team of sexy, crackpot mercenaries who take on paranormal and mythological odd jobs nobody else can accomplish(....or want). The project is solely written and drawn by yours truly. The explicit content I have in store for it is aimed at a straight male/lesbian crowd, but won't get in the way of the story. Well, not too much I hope.

Currently I have 4 pages up and am looking to update on a weekly basis. I'm still trying to settle on a "look" for my pages so... uh, hopefully the first couple pages aren't a major turn off.
Right now the entire first 24-page issue(Go Getters Pt. 1) is drafted, so I'm looking to release some more previews in the very near future. Thanks for dropping in; any comments, criticism and questions you got, I'd greatly appreciate it.

And in case y'all missed the link: http://hollowpointsisters.tumblr.com/

[/shameless plug]

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Ya know, you described it in a way I figured would be cringey and super furfaggy, but it's actually pretty damn alright. I like the art style and the coloring, and I laughed here and there. One chick's tits are kind of obnoxiously big but I'm not all that surprised either.

I also appreciate the fact that you didn't have some big page of exposition, explaining the characters and world (I see this in writing more often than I should). Shows that you're confident in what you got.

So yeah. Thumbs up. I don't have a tumblr, but I'll certainly check in now and again to see where the story goes.


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