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New Years was awesome


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Maybe this is a bit late. But whatevs. New Years was cool.

You might notice from a certain other thread that over New Years break I was spending nights with some friends for a few days. Well, for the past few months, my friends and I had been planning on doing a little get together shortly after Christmas. One of my friends in particular happened to have an uncle who had a lakehouse cabin that no one used that gave us permission to use it for a few days to have fun. Knowing this, we all set our dates to get together. On the 30th, we finally met. It was about 7 of us.

The first thing we did was meet at a Chinese buffet restaraunt where we had some DELICIOUS Chinese food while we talked about how our Christmas breaks have been. It was fun and we had good food. Afterwards, we all went shopping and then met up at the cabin, where we spent several nights partying. Various things we did included

  • playing Super Smash Bros.
  • playing Playstation All Stars (Sony Smash)
  • watching terrible TV shows for fun (Vanpires)
  • watching fun anime (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt)
  • playing card games like Munchkin and Star Munchkin
  • playing Dungeons and Dragons
  • drinking
  • going out to a strip club (I didn't like this one as you already know)

I'm not much on the idea of drinking alcohol but I decided to try just a teensy bit it being New Years and all. Wound up trying Red Apple Ale and some champagne. The Champagne was gross and strong, but I was surprised to find that the Red Apple Ale was delicious. I honestly didn't expect it to be as good as it did. Normally don't think of alcohol as tasting good, but it tasted like Apple Cider, which is sort of like apple juice but with a bit of a kick. Vanpires in particular was an interesting experience, as we all crowded around the TV to watch the first four episodes of a live-action x CGI 90s television series about evil vehicles from space called the Vanpires that came to the planet to suck the fuel from all vehicles and buildings across the planet. It was really silly and full of terrible writing, nonstop car puns, and bad CGI, and because of that it was funny as heck. it took itself seriously, which was weird. The heroes of the show involved these teenagers who skipped school everyday to go hang out with a hippy that owns a trash dump, and one day when a meteor passes over the place all the kids hide in their cars and wound up fusing with the cars to become transformer like beings who called themselves "The Motorvaders". Just imagine a bunch of young adults sitting around a TV making fun of this crap. It was great. Some people even made a drinking game out of drinking every time a car pun was made. Everyone quickly realized that this was a bad idea.

But anyways, here's a clip if you're curious:

Anyways, all in all it was a fun time. While there I also learned how to cook something for a change, which is something I've never done before. Each day everyone was required to cook at least one meal and so I made spaghetti and meat sauce. Never did it before and now I feel accomplished. It even tasted good.

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