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Can anyone lend a paw? or a hand?


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Hi guys,

Yeah um, well my partner needs surgery. Long story short, she was on the waiting list to have her surgery done by our government through Medicare. The catch is you got to wait until its your turn and some waiting lists are years and years long. So she was on it for 7 years and a few weeks ago our government decided that they are not going to fund this procedure anymore - even for those who are not getting for cosmetic purposes like my partner. She needs it for medial reasons.

Anyway, we are in a jam now because we have to come up with $7000 to afford her surgery and she is getting worse every day. I decided to open a "Go Fund me" account in secret (I want this to be a surprise for her when we have raised the money).

If anyone is able to help it would mean the world honestly. If you are unable to, thats fine, but if you could possible share my link somewhere, like facebook or FA etc that would be just a wonderful too.



PS - Admins sorry if this is in the wrong place, had no idea where else to put it

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6 minutes ago, AshleyAshes said:

...Someone with more medical knowledge than me needs to explain how a tummy tuck is a treatment for what I guess is nerve damage... O.o

Her stomach is numb from the belly button down, even though her stomach has the "apron" issue, neither of us care about that at all its no drama. Its the numbness. I am no medical expert, and forgive me but this was told to me a while ago...but apparently when they do the tuck, they remove quite a lot of nerves and the parts of the nerves that were damaged are right down low near the bikini line and in front of the womb/uterus. As they need to cut quite high above this, they can remove the damaged nerves, and reduce the risk of infection. She gets alot of infections under the stomach and cannot feel them as she is numb. She nearly had blood poisoning for from it. 

I honestly don't know. 


EDIT: actually I just realised i never mentioned the infection part in my go fund me story. I will update that. thanks for the reminder 

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5 minutes ago, AshleyAshes said:

I don't understand 'infections under the stomach'. O.o  Like, is this an internal or external thing?

well, for some women who have a C-Section the muscles don't always repair themselves and this is how we get what is known as "apron tummy". I also got this and yeah it sucks but its not as bad some other people. Here is an example I found online, neither of us have it this bad though lol 

The infection happens on the outside (external) but under the "apron" where it rubs on the body. In my partners case, the numbness caused by stoopid surgeons means she cannot feel any infections when they happen.



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