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Your favorite livestream moments


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Many people stream on Twitch these days, and some times there are some incredibly amazing moments!
I am especially fond of Vinny from Vinesauce. His commentary and his kind of humor just work really well for me! Watching him play is also fun because he is... Well, let's just say he is a pretty average player in terms of skill. His has his moments, but he also screws up in spectacular ways some times. Case in point:


He was trying to get to hell. He had a great run! Tons of health, shotgun, jetpack... But then that happened :P I just love that you can tell when the exact moment was when he realized that he was just completely screwed!
His early Darkest Dungeon streams were also fun because he made some mistakes that got his parties into some pretty hairy situations.

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The only game I've ever really watched much of on Twitch is Rainbow Six Siege. If you like intense competitive moments, it's definitely a great game to watch people play. I can't really think of any particular moments that stand out, but there are a few streamers I have followed that are either really good or play in the R6S ESL league and you can find some really amazing moments watching them. There are so many fast and clutch moments because rounds are so short.

There are quite a few derps who play as well, so if derpy people just fooling around are more your thing then they're pretty easy to find.

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One of my favorite is also one of my favorite april fools joke. Basically this popular hearthstone streamer http://www.twitch.tv/trumpsc

Decided to play Ori and the "Blind" Forrest on april first. The way he does his stream is he has his webcam in the corner and the rest gameplay. However when he was playing it was just his webcam and the rest was a blackscreen and you could hear the game sounds. I couldn't find a recording of it but it was definitely appreciated by me.

Also VasedCoopa a really underwatched streamer who is one of my favorite people to watch play most any game. here's one of his livestream playthroughs.



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