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Cars hate me


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Always always always I have trouble with cars. Not little shit either, it's always something big and expensive.

Last week my car started shaking horribly when it was idling or when I accelerated too slowly. It was okay if I accelerated rapidly but the problem is of course I cannot do that the whole time. It made it to the mechanic's (diverted from work when it started mid trip) and it's been sleeping there this week. I'm pretty sure it's the timing belt or something but it's not an issue I can fix myself. I called my boss up and he agreed to let me borrow the company car for the week since our workload was heavy and I didn't have time for this shit. It's been three days. I haven;t even had a chance to call back in to see the mechanic about my own car, and suddenly in the shopping centre carpark on my way home from work tonight the company car failed to start.

Called NRMA and told them what was up. Trying to start the car resulted in the battery icon lighting up despite the fact that the battery looked fine to me. So they sent out the battery guy and sure enough it was fine. He then contacted their mechanic and after forty five minutes of various fucking around he decided the starter motor is fucked. Based on the model of the car, he said the starter motor was fortunate to have lasted as long as it did. So a couple phone calls to my boss later and he came out to see it for himself. A few rounds of swearing later and we figured it just needs to be done. Technically nothing that has happened here is my fault, until bad luck can be scientifically verified.

Silver lining, I only have to pay for one of these problems myself. But still, most of an evening on this bullshit and now I'm dependent on getting lifts to and from work for at least tomorrow and depending on the fix to both cars, possibly more. :(

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