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3d Printer.... get?


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So I've been agonizing over getting a 3d printer lately, and I feel I'm finally narrowing it down to a few select choices.  Chiefly, these two:



Small, uses generic filament, cheap


Seems to lean towards using a web browser to print and control the device.  Direct means seem to exist, but seem to be a back-burner priority for this company.  Smaller print volume




Huge print volume, open source, highest resolution I've seen of any printer in its price range (50 micron thickness, whereas even mid/high-range printers top out at 100 microns).


XBAWKS HEUG - seriously, look at the pic of the girl sitting inside that thing, requires assembly, good probability that support will be spotty or non-existent as it is a kickstarter project.


I do have a couple of ideas in mind for what to use these for; parts for models (probably stick to simple shapes and vehicle parts if I do the New Matter, could try my hand at figurines for the BigBox), components and templates for building a new mask, maybe even stuff to build nerf blasters from.  Of course, all of this is contingent on how well I can learn 3d software, and... well... I took a course once?  On software that was outdated at the time almost ten years ago?  Taking a plunge into the world of 3d printing with so little knowledge has me wary of putting down too much money, but it does seem you get what you pay for in these machines.  If anyone else has any machines to suggest that isn't one of these two, let me know!

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