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Ho do I embed things in Chrome? Can you please put a FAQ on how to use tags?


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Exactly as it says. I'm starting to get pretty pissed off with trying to deal with html tags on these forums. I'm not a computer geek like the rest of you, I'm a hardware guy, so I'd like some help.

edit: Now change this to: how can I do this in Chrome, which is now worse than IE?

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I use Chrome~

I find that a lot of things I do, like embedding stuff, happens automatically when I paste a link into the box and hit enter. Does it do that for you, or does it just stay a link? I know YouTube (full and short) urls work, and Imgur links work too (though I haven't tested webm or gifv links yet)

Also, I just use hotkeys for formatting. ForĀ Bold, I just do Ctrl+B to turn it on and off as I'm typing, for example. Though, it doesn't actually TELL us what the hotkeys are, I kinda just.. guessed.. It would be nice to have all of that information actually GIVEN to us.

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