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Not really sure what this game is about yet. Let me try to explain it:

A bird is a bird, let it hear it's own chirp. If it flies and doesn't climb do you sit and watch or die trying to climb the vine to the giant sitting in his castle? He stares at you with the same eyes that you must adopt to see the chair right before you. Sit and listen to the riddle he provides while you struggle with the frustration that makes you want to jab em' in his sides. Then realize that a jab is not the knockout punch you've been looking for.  The answer was the the shoulder movement that the giant greeted you with at the door; The true knockout thought. The understanding that bird brought you here to see it with its eyes was the demise of the riddle that tried to belittle you, was enough to solve and resolve the issue, jump down and fly and chirp like the last bird.

 Make a riddle,  let the next person solve it. If they don't, just laugh and chirp on. 

Can't think of a way to keep with everything though. 



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