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Sick cat


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I got a adult cat who got a cold and she's been sick for three days. She got pain and trouble breathing, I don't know if she drink and eat since.

I notice that she always have her mouth open to breath and she don't do anything, always in the bed. The vet can cost up to 250$ that I don't have.

She's a bit more that a year old, black with long hair, yellow eyes.

I have no job and the rent of the app plus the electric bill to pay, so I have little left for food for them for the month.

If you can spare a bit so I can go to the vet with her, that would be great.

Or if you want to adopt her and take care of her, I'm in Montreal, Quebec.

my paypal is: foxsterfox@yahoo.ca



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Hopefully not too late here, buuut...

This is what my vet gave me for my cat who was nearly dead over the same sort of illness. You might be able to find it elsewhere for cheaper, that was just the first link I could find on Google to show you what it was. It can't hurt to try it and will save you a lot on vet bills to do it yourself. If there's some other underlying issue other than an upper respiratory infection, then of course that won't help much if at all, but it doesn't seem like you have the option of a vet visit to find out.

To get her to eat, this stuff is what my vet gave me for my boy. He had one little drop of that and he all of a sudden had an appetite. Might not be necessary and there are other things like it out there that might be cheaper.

The only problem is time. I'm not sure how sick your kitty is, but mine was sick for a good week before I could take him in and much longer and he would have been dead. If she gets to the point where she's nearly dead, she will likely need IV fluids like my boy did because he was so severely dehydrated from not being able to drink by himself. That, of course, requires a vet visit...

Hopefully this helped some. If I had lots of money just sitting around I wouldn't mind helping, but unfortunately I haven't quite figured out how to make money grow on trees yet.

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