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Finally getting my GDEMU for Dreamcast!


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As we all know The Sega Dreamcast is the greatest console in video game history.  As a collector you have one issue: Optical drives die.  For every console aging into 'retroness' you face the reality that the optical drive will eventually fail and it'll need a lot of TLC and even parts scavenged from donor systems to keep it operational.  Well some guy out in Eastern Europe figured out how to build a Dreamcast GD-ROM emulator which he's called 'GDEMU.  It physically replace the entire GD-ROM drive and while the Dreamcast system has no idea that the hardware has been replaced.  Instead of optical CD-ROMs and GD-ROMs you are now reading game images off of an SD Card.  This is great as you can put all your Dreamcast games on one SD card (The -entire- NTSC-U collection could fit on a 128GB SD Card and have room to spare) and great for hacks and homebrews as well.

Well, I read about this thing over a y ear ago but his windows for accepting orders have always been narrow and I was lazy about it. This weekend the window was open for one day and I finally got my preorder in!  ...Now I just need someone to finish that HDMI mod for the Dreamcast. :D



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