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Various Types of Creations

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So I'm not sure how you guys feel about doctoring images but if you people are chill with not everything being my own creation then I'd like to share them. Just to reiterate: A lot of what I post now and in the future are random sources and stock images that I break down for parts to make something. Most effects like smoke/lasers/etc. are my own though. I also do occasionally do rough sketches of things when I'm in the mood but those are far and few in between.


Friend asked for a flamingo flexing while Old Spice poured out of its arms



I saw the original TR version of this but the creator (http://elprotection.deviantart.com/art/Terran-Republic-Coffee-388478267) had never done a VS version. This is my rendition



This was just some random thing I got into the mood of doing and how I learned about a technique for lasers. Original was a cosplay of the painting from Spongebob but never found a source



The original of this was something my friend himself had made but then turned into a battle of Photoshop. He doesn't post his work online much but is fine with this. My original edit has very hard to see horse dildos scattered throughout but I figured I'd spare you guys that



And lastly a sketch that I do maybe once a year or so. It's nice to make something once in a blue moon. I listened to the main theme while making this.





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