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Time for re-introductions!  Long-time lurker on FAF, was a little sad to see it implode, but it was a hell of a show along the way.

I tend to go by Axle Gear online, but I'm slowly finding that contracting to AyGee thanks to most discernible words being already taken as far as names are concerned.  I'm from Pittsburgh, so AC is just trolley ride away when it comes to town.  I draw, sketch, and build - constructed my own costume, and I like to build/paint lots of little plastic mans.  If you couldn't tell already, I'm a 40k fan, so I like my grimdark fiction.  And when it's not grimdark, I like completely over the top stuff, like what you might see in animes that are clever enough to know how to camp it up yet play it all straight-faced (I'm looking at you, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure).

Anyway, I hope to reconnect here, and maybe even meet some new folks if they're coming in.  Feel free to pester me - I'm not very proactive, and it's about the only interaction I get. :P

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