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Visual Novels?


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I'm currently having a play around with Ren'Py, the Python-based visual novel tool. At some point in the future I might like to make a game with my own art (if I ever find the time!) but in the meantime I'd like to do a quick project or two to see how I get on with it.

I could just do a few graphics-free mini visual novels for practice - not very visual I know, but it would be enough to practice with - or use public domain or stick figure images for the time being. However since visual novels tend to be quite popular in the fandom, I thought I'd offer to help out if anyone here wanted to make a visual novel of THEIR art but didn't know how.

For the record I'm happy to help with the dialogĀ or can use your own if you prefer. I mostly want to practice the programming side of things as an aid to learning Python. I'm not precious about subject matter, so long as the stories do not promote or glorify illegal practices. I also don't care for scat or strong, realistic gore.

N.B. I work on Mac, but Ren'Py is capable of producing frozen binaries for most desktop computers and some mobile devices. (A frozen binary is similar to an app - it encompasses the executable and all data files required for it to work into a single click-to-launch icon).

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