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Types of Projects: Icons, full images, sketch-streams.
Prices: Between $15 - $35+

Price list:
Please note these are "one" character prices, see the 'Extras' section right below this one for fees and extra character prices.
Sketches - $15 Example[NSFW] - Example - Example
Inks - $20 Example - Note: Shown example is a two-character piece and is $30 versus $20.

Full-colored image - $35 - Example 1 - Example 2 -[slight NSFW]Example 3
Character limit: 4. However anything over 2 will incur full character prices. 3 character full colored image starts at $88, while a 4 character full image starts at $125.

Icons - $15 - Example
Couple Icons - $25. These will come in FA 100x100, and a 300x300 size, and will be individually cropped for your use.
Reference Sheets - $60 starting. This includes a front and a back pose, and if desired a mature view of the reproductive organs. An extra view of the character in a profile view will bump the price to $75. It will include basic information about the character that YOU provide me. (Name, age, sex, race, personality, likes, dislikes, etc) and a color pallet by default. Extra views will be charged depending on what they are, so please let me know and I will add the fee accordingly. Example
My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic - $15 for one Pony, $25 for a couple. Example
I will charge extra fees for extra characters, complex characters, complex poses, and complex backgrounds. Extra characters are half the base price. Example; A two character full color commission starts at $52. $35 with one character, $17 for the second character. Complicated backgrounds will incur an extra fee. If you do not select a background it will either be a generic color box with a clear png behind it, or a generic scene.

Slots: 10

Contact info:
Main gallery: https://www.weasyl.com/~mander
Email: OnionCreamChz@gmail.com

I also post to the following:

Commission Application Format
Type of commission(Sketch, inked, color, etc):
Adult in nature?:
Is it anonymous?:

Reference sheet(s) (If sending via e-mail please include them as e-mail attachments, if from FurAffinity please use the raw link of the submission by right-clicking and selecting 'view image'):
Background? If yes, what?:

I also stream Monday through Thursday, 2pm-12am CST.


I offer $15 colored, 1 character sketches $23 for 2 character. NSFW accepted. Some examples included above.

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